October 7, 2022
Ceni appreciates the conviction's victory in São Paulo and says it is 'the club's best in difficulty' |  Sao Paulo

Ceni appreciates the conviction’s victory in São Paulo and says it is ‘the club’s best in difficulty’ | Sao Paulo

– The biggest lesson I learned was to believe in my convictions, as the second-tier players are who they are today. In 194 minutes we were ahead, and in just one minute Palmeiras was ahead. Believe your convictions and act – he said.

We keep the players who played on Monday and I want to emphasize that they deserve their dedication and achievement. The same game. Maybe I don’t have to believe what people write or say anymore. He added that the belief in convictions.

The coach also questioned the treatment he received, especially since Monday, when he won Palmeiras Sao Paulo Turned, with two goals in stoppage time, for the Brazilian national team.

– Sometimes people like to attack the coach because he represents the organization a lot. I guarantee that the person who can best represent the organization at this difficult time is here. But I understand. She hit me a lot, but I got hit that way. I make choices. The club can choose to take me out. But working in the club and who knows? Sorry, you won’t find anyone who knows that much and works hard,” he said.

Rogerio Ceni celebrates the fact that he “believes in his conviction” – Photograph: Marcos Ripoli

The coach also told a behind-the-scenes story about the last few days at Barra Funda CT. Sene commented that the board fully supported Thursday’s team selection, allowing the coach to choose to spare the athletes in the knockout stage.

However, Ceni chose to keep the starting lineup on Monday and was rewarded with a win. The result allows Sao Paulo Play for a tie in the return duel, scheduled for July 14, 20:00 (Brasilia time), at Allianz Parque.

– I spoke this morning to Belmonte. He called me into his room, and I sat down and said, “I want you to feel comfortable, it’s your decision. If you want to put every reserve team, or a junior team, you will be supported and respected by the club.” It was the only conversation I had with him – he explained it in detail.

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– I’ve talked to the players too. Those were the exact words, I’m glad. He’s a guy who’s always with us, always working with Morrissey, Roy and Nelson. I spoke to him for 10 minutes and he said it was up to me – he added.

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Check out more Rogerio Ceni comments:

– The classic in itself really awakens the player. Palmeiras is very strong. If you don’t play with a high level of concentration, you won’t hardly win. We played six times, won three times, and lost three times. As the best team in America, we’ve kept balance, and our team knows how to behave well. The changes were true in the last match and today as well. I only regret Arboleda’s injury, which looks serious on TV. Learning is when Dodo changes sides, we are ready. Palmeiras did not kick a ball in our team’s goal.

– He (Gabriel) is good to work with. Playing as a first wheel is more difficult, when you play side by side it’s even better. Sometimes he dares to score in defense. Today a man like Scarpa is branded. Sometimes, we fail to identify.

– For me it was his best game since I was here, best game. He spent more time on the court, which left him exhausted, but it helped a lot today. Today I give credit to the team for how the players behave inside Sao Paulo that we know.

– I’m proud to work at Sao Paulo We are happy to face great teams in Brazilian football. In a moment of difficulty the club is going through and playing on par with the leader of Brazil, the best player in the Libertadores, is a source of pride for the fans.

– Contentment was my best team, just like on Monday. Palmeiras tried to make a move to confuse the midfield. We experienced some tweaks, but tactically it was a very good design. One job for 20 minutes. It took us a while to match the game, to make a square in the middle of the field. First with Igor and Nestor behind. Igor Vinicius and Rinaldo did a good job. A safe team could have come out with the same result on Monday, but sometimes we analyze backwards, and that’s where the criticism comes in. We have to commend the guys, because they did so well.

– I don’t want to lose anyone anymore, maybe I lost Arboleda for the rest of the season. I can no longer lose, except for misfortunes like today.

It is a public profession and it is normal to be criticized. People looking for likes, others make calls. Today we proved that we played a good game on Monday and that the strategy was right. Today we had the same team and ideas and we were happy with the win. But that is why people have the same vision. We will win or lose. We have a lot of people in the medical department, and I’m already saying we’ll have more chances of success.

“Without any signings, with everyone staying there, give me those players and you’ll see how we’ll be more successful. When the team is short, attacking on three fronts is difficult. We don’t have anything in sight to go back for the next two rounds. The 18th is not enough, and you hold it, Infected people do not return.

We can only thank the fans in general. He pushes the team, helps a lot and gets frustrated.

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