August 16, 2022
Ceni: Sao Paulo "collapses" from injuries |  Sao Paulo

Ceni: Sao Paulo “collapses” from injuries | Sao Paulo

a Sao Paulo Other players lost due to injury during 2-2 draw with Fluminense, this Sunday, in Morumbi. Liu and Jandry felt pain in the first half and will be examined for a diagnosis. Seven other athletes were suspended due to injury before the match.

At the post-match press conference, coach Rogerio Ceni lamented the new cases and said he saw the team “collapse” at an important moment of the season – the Brazilian at the end of the first round and in the next 30 days Sao Paulo They will have to play in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey and the Copa Sudamericana.

“It will only get worse,” the coach warned.

– Today Sunday, tomorrow we get the players back, and on Tuesday we will travel again (we play against Inter Wednesday in Porto Alegre). We come back on Thursday, on Friday there is training, and on Saturday there is a match. I don’t even know who to say – Ceni completed.

Rogerio Ceni in Sao Paulo vs Fluminense – Photo: Rubens Cherry /

The coach said, at the moment, that he is not able to form the team in the order he wants, but in the possible order from the pieces he still has at his disposal.

It is not the system that I choose what I want, but what I have. That’s no longer what I think of the opponent, that’s what I think of my team. Decisions will come, (the team) will fall apart and fall apart.

The Brazilian Football Confederation admits the video assistant referee (VAR) made a mistake in analyzing the penalty offer for Sao Paulo in the Copa de Brazil

Against Fluminense, the Sao Paulo The absence of Arboleda, Luan, Caillou, Alison, Miranda, Rinaldo and Andre Anderson. Against Inter, Calleri and Patrick will not be stopped.

The calendar is inhuman to everyone, and there is no one to resist it. But the year is approaching the most important part and you are getting more and more deceived and weakened.

Against Fluminense, Ceni left many of his holders on the bench. One of them was Wellington, who gave way to Patrick. However, the young athlete was replaced in the first half by the choice of the coach.

– Wellington did not have to play today, he played three games in seven days – said the coach, who explained the decision to keep Patrick off the field in less than 30 minutes.

– At that point in the match, we needed someone more offensive on the side. I was already thinking about making the substitution in the first half. If Jandry isn’t leaving, I’ll leave him until the break, even with some adjustments. There were times when it was time to wait in line on all fours, he was ahead. But it’s not his fault, it’s the lack of time we have to prepare the team.

Patrick shouldn’t be sad, he should be happy. At his age, he has reached the professional level, after his first 30 minutes … and there will be others – complete Ceni.

There is no expectation that any of the recovered athletes will return to the team in the coming days. Against Fluminense, midfielder Andres Colorado returned after nine games, but remained on the bench.

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