November 27, 2022
Central Bank chief announces Pix data leak

Central Bank chief announces Pix data leak

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Central Bank President Roberto Campos Neto commented on the Pix data leak that occurred in September. According to him, what happened may not cause too many problems, because “part of Pix’s security is tied to less sensitive data”.

On September 14, about 137,285 keys for the Pix Abastece Aí, Ipiranga digital account were leaked. The events were reported by the monetary authority itself.

Campos Neto stated that since only the key is used to receive transfers, the risks are lower.

Pix leaks

This isn’t the first time leaks of this proportion have occurred with Pix. From August 2021 to date, the central bank has already recorded four incidents.

The first of these occurred in August 2021, when more than 400,000 data associated with Pix was leaked; In this event, Banco do Estado do Sergipe participated. Soon, in December, it was Access’s turn, with around 160,000 data leaked from Pix.

In January of this year, the data recorded in 2112 Pix keys was revealed. In this case, the company involved in the incident was Logbank.

And now, the most recent, occurred from July 1 to September 14, with more than 100,000 Pix data exposed.

The central bank underestimates the facts

From the point of view of many, Campos Neto’s statements about the latest leak belittle the truth, since, according to him, the keys work only for receiving payments.

However, it should be noted that other types of information, such as name, CPF number, organization, agency, account number, and type, were also leaked along with the key, since each key is associated with a bank account of a particular bank.

Expand Pix

Campos Netto talked about the process of internationalizing Pix to other countries, with priority given to Latin America. According to the information disclosed, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay have already expressed interest in joining the system. Canada, one of the North American countries, is also interested in the instant transfer service.

Pix was launched in October 2020 and since then it has been integrated into the Brazilian market. Payment method is behind credit card only. credit of the options currently available.

The head of the monetary authority announced that this is just the beginning of Pix. New tools under development such as digital currency and open finance are sure to stick to the transfer system.

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