March 29, 2023

Central do Apito sees a huge foul on the penalty kick that decides Tombense x Retrô for the Copa do Brasil; video | Brazil Cup

A poorly scored penalty determined the classification of Tombense, and the automatic exclusion of Retro, this Wednesday, in the match between the two teams, at the Soares de Azevedo stadium, for the Brazilian Cup. The competition does not contain the video referee feature in its second phase.

Sandro Mira Ricci’s comment on a controversial penalty for Tombense

“It was not a penalty kick. The referee was deceived, deceived by the fall of the player (from Tombense). The player from Retrô (Alencar, midfielder) goes for the movement, but steps on the ground. Companion”, analyzed the commentator of Central do Abeto, Sandro Mira Ricci.

This move took place in the 35th minute of the second half. In a ball splashed inside the Retrô area, three Tombense players go together to dispute and striker Jaderson ends up falling into the area.

Even without Pernambuco athletes participating in the play, referee Paulo Roberto Alves Jr., of the Paranaense Federation, ended up scoring a penalty kick against Retro, which drew a lot of complaints from the team. Lateral Pedro Costa and goalkeeper Jean received yellow cards.

On the penalty kick, Jean managed to save Alex Sandro’s shot, but the Tombense striker himself took advantage of the rebound to score the goal that qualified the team from Minas Gerais.

In the 39th minute of the second half – a goal from the penalty spot by Alex Sandro de Tompense against Retro

– Judgment on top of the bid. It was a rush. The dispute that took place between the players of the private team. It’s a big mistake. A very poorly scored penalty, non-existent, and Retrô ends up hurting him a lot. – Completed.

Tombense players bump into each other and the referee scores a penalty kick against Retrô – Image: Reproduction

Mira Ricci also expressed her regret at the absence of video assistant referee technology in the Brazil Cup.

– Here comes the VAR discussion. A competition worth a lot of money and annual financial planning for clubs does not include VAR. Mira Ricci, in Central do Abeto, concluded that there is the issue of squares, some stadiums that cannot receive technology, but that a discussion must take place.

Tombense 1 x 0 Retro – Highlights – The second stage of the 2023 Brazil Cup

After the game, where it couldn’t be different, a lot of complaints from the Retrô players.

– There were three of them and they fought between them. Unfortunately, the referee gives such a penalty. Unfortunately, there is no VAR. Their men were laughing, because they saw that it was they who fought – said defender Guilherme Paraíba, captain of the Pernambuco team.