July 23, 2024

Central Nacional Unimed’s SME portfolio reaches 200,000 people | SEGS

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Central Nacional Unimed's SME portfolio reaches 200,000 people |  SEGS
Central Nacional Unimed's SME portfolio reaches 200,000 people |  SEGS

From April to August 2021, Tawuniya recorded a 20% increase in the portfolio under the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) product.

Central Nacional Unimed (CNU), one of the largest healthcare operators in Brazil, is celebrating the results of its Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) portfolio. From April to August, the period marking the beginning of the new management of the cooperative, the company recorded an unprecedented contract record that exceeded 200,000 lives, with a 20% increase in share in just 5 months. The exponential progress demonstrates the company’s commitment to a broad portfolio that meets the diverse needs of the market.

Responsible for national service and labor contracts with large companies, the operator works to provide plans for small and medium-sized companies in places under its responsibility throughout Brazil, such as Salvador, Vieira de Santana, Santo Antonio de Jesus, Itapuna, Ilheus, Bahia; São Luis, in Maranhão; Brasilia. and the cities of São Paulo and ABC paulista. Cooperative performance led product sales in the city of São Paulo, followed by the Federal District and Bahia.

“Our portfolio has exceeded 200,000 clients, resulting in the growth of the cooperative and the absolute record in sales in the sector. This is another achievement for the new CNU board. In addition to legitimizing our representation in the market, the numbers demonstrate the interest in offering truly effective solutions to our clients,” says Louise Paulo Tostis Coimbra, President of Central Nacional Unimed. In addition to celebrating the portfolio’s new position, the CEO highlights contract progress and sales pitch. The president pointed out that “the efforts of the sales team and the local view of the demand for small and medium-sized companies resulted in a jump from 43,000 contracts to 62,000 contracts in the past months.”

The leader, who combines the experience of more than 40 years of work in the health field with the challenge of coordinating the largest collaboration of the 338 members of the Unimed system, attributes sales success to product differentials, which includes a plan of high-quality medical care across Brazil at affordable prices. . Added to the context is a strong intermediary communication strategy and a strong sales channel.

New benefits boost portfolio growth

Innovating in the way of nurturing and promoting total access to health, even in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) portfolio, Central Nacional Unimed (CNU), in all health products in the portfolio, offers coverage by Unimed Odonto, the dental plans operator of the world’s largest medical cooperative.

With the new feature, small and medium business customers will have dental assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. In effective connection with the service provider’s network, customers will be able to search for the best service location through the application and SMS. “In addition to coverage throughout Brazil, one of the differences of Unimed Odonto for the PME plan is simplified scheduling, with online authorizations for actions. With this, we are leading an important revolution in the company’s traditional products, always bringing cooperation as a necessary path for the active search for greater luxury and comfort. And quality is in health,” says Coimbra.

About Central National Unimed

Central Nacional Unimed is the national operator of business health plans for the Unimed brand and the sixth largest in the country by number of beneficiaries. It is part of the Unimed system, which consists of 345 medical cooperatives located in 84% of the national territory, which share the values ​​of cooperation and work to value doctors and medicine. Its portfolio consists of approximately 1.8 million customers of large national and multinational corporations, as well as products for small and medium-sized companies and regional focus in Salvador, Fiera de Santana, Santo Antonio de Jesus, Itabona, Elios, São Luis, Brasilia and São Paulo. In addition to operating health plans at these locations, it is also responsible for completing the portfolio of individual members, in line with the overall business policies set for the Unimed system. With the aim of facilitating inter-collaboration, establishing joint actions with Unimed do Brasil, Unimed Participações, Seguros Unimed and Unimed Foundation, aiming to strengthen the systemic governance and institutional presence of the brand, generate employment and income for its members, and provide excellent care to its members. Central Nacional Unimed continues to be considered as one of the Best Companies to Work For (The 150 Best Companies Guide to Work For), Start A Career (The Best Companies Guide To Start A Career) and Best Health Service Provider Company in 2020 (“Best and Biggest” ranking).

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