July 20, 2024

Cerpro technology allows Brazilians to enter the United States

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Cerpro technology allows Brazilians to enter the United States
Cerpro technology allows Brazilians to enter the United States

It is now much easier, faster and safer for Brazilians to enter the United States until November this year, when the entry of those in the country vaccinated against Govt-19 will be released. This is because the Brazilian and North American governments have signed an agreement on Brazil’s adherence to the Global Entry Plan, which allows citizens to enter the United States without having to enter the immigration queue at airports, reducing access time to the country. The technology, which allows passengers to be released quickly, was developed by Cerpro and is now available for use by the Brazilian Inland Revenue Service and the Federal Police. Global entry is implemented in the eDBV system – electronic declaration of goods for travelers and enables control of passports upon arrival in the United States and risk analysis of notices.

“Built into the eDBV system using the Global Entry Settlement Rules machine. In this way, the internal revenue service structure has full flexibility. By the rules, no profiles will be accepted or accepted to participate in the event,” said Rodriguez Rochario, development analyst at Cerbro’s logistics and customs processes domain.

According to Rodrigo, since the full flow of an eDBV risk analysis is complex, the technology is designed with the aim of facilitating the application of the solution through a light contact interface with a clear life cycle. “The processing flow of an appraisal request is based on the news service ‘, asynchronous steps, light and well – defined situations, following the best practices of systems based on micro service. Has been a primary factor ever since. In addition to mutual authentication mechanisms with digital certification, we create secure communication channels between organizations.

Less time in customs queue

“Global entry” does not change the visa requirement, but allows for quick clearance under passport control. Interested parties can complete the process of entering the United States through automatic kiosks, without contacting the immigration agent, without the need to go to the immigration control queue. To join the program, the traveler must pay a $ 100 fee to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (CBP) Customs and Border Protection. The fee is valid for five years and can be renewed.

The solution developed by Cerpro is intended to support the decision of the CBP only to accept or reject its inclusion in the global entry program. The Federal Ministry of Police, the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety, and the Special Secretariat for Federal Revenue of Brazil, Ministry of Economy, are responsible for enforcing a joint statement, positively or negatively, on the criteria. To enter the program by interested Brazilian citizens.

The statement issued by the Brazilian government should contain a response on behalf of the PF and RFB. Therefore, a technical solution was built to automate the analysis flow. By definition, the federal police will interface with the CBP to receive analytical requests, make its own analysis, send such requests for analysis through the RFP, and finally, integrate both the final analysis (positive or negative) for the CBP.

Program steps

Oh Order 10.268 Establishes that the implementation of the Global Entry Program will take place in three stages. In the first phase, the project will be available to 20 guests attending the Brazil-US Senior Executive Forum to identify the technical and operational requirements for the full operation, without the assistance of a computerized system. Project. In the second phase, the program will be available to a limited number of interested parties with the aim of testing the functionality and functionality of the computerized system. In the third phase, innovation will be available to all interested Brazilian citizens. According to Denis Almeida, a business analyst who oversees customer relations at Finance Economics, “When fully implemented, it will facilitate procedures in the United States for Brazilians enrolled in the Global Entry Program, which will ensure more fluidity in travel, especially for travel.”

Collective bargaining agreement

Brazil’s participation in this event is an old request of the Brazilian and North American private sectors. In 2019, a joint declaration was negotiated between the two countries, allowing for an official announcement, at the 10th meeting of the Senior Executive Council of Brazil, the United States, the “CEO Forum”, in Washington in November 2019, to implement the first concrete plan. In addition to Brazil, 11 countries are participating in the “Global Entry”, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, Taiwan and Colombia.

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