July 23, 2024

CES 2022: Samsung launches a portable projector and game screen to connect the “new generations” – the link

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Link Estadão
Link Estadão

Samsung’s new portable projector was unveiled at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

a Samsung It unveiled Tuesday, 4th, two new products created within the Innovation Lab for New Generations from South Korean manufacturer Future Generation Labs, which are looking at how to meet the needs of Generation Z, a new niche for technology companies in the world. The show was held in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, in Las vigas (USA), with hundreds of people in the convention center of the American hotel Caesar’s Palace.

Betting on practicality and nomadic life, Samsung introduced a device portable projector, which allows you to display images on surfaces up to 100 inches in size. In addition, the device features autofocus, stabilization, and brightness adjustment – the idea is to place the device against a wall, and at once, the image is ready to be seen.

Samsung claims that Freestyle could also have other uses besides displaying videos on walls: the device could be used as an interactive lamp to create a “position” in the environment, as well as displaying static phrases on birthdays, for example. Finally, the product has an internal speaker and is compatible with Android and iPhone.

Another innovation from the Next Generation Lab, by Samsung, is Odyssey ship55″ curved screen created for the gaming community to better immerse themselves in gaming. With portrait or landscape mode, the monitor also targets multitasking by allowing up to three different monitors simultaneously. In the tests he observed condition, it was possible to watch a live broadcast of the players and two different matches on one screen.

Freestyle goes to pre-order this week for US consumers before 900 USDIt is expected to reach other markets this year. Odyssey Ark does not have an estimated price or date.

At the event, it was also revealed that Samsung intends to invest in customizing its products, something that, Future Generation Labs says, is the demand of new generations. It will be possible, for example, to purchase appliances of color, avoiding the white or black common in stoves, refrigerators and washing machines. According to the South Korean brand, people’s homes should be an extension of their personality, as well as cell phones and wearables.

smart home

In an effort to simplify the smart home (a phenomenon that makes home devices connected to the Internet, such as light bulbs and locks, among others), Samsung has announced an alliance with other names in the industry to set standards for use and safety.

The Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA), Electrolux, Haier, GE and Arcelink, among others, have joined forces with the South Korean tech company to drive interoperability, mitigate electronic risks, and improve the energy efficiency of devices.


Samsung’s presentation, initiated by CEO Jong-Hee Han, who was promoted to the company’s top position last December, was largely devoted to talking about sustainability, stressing that the goal is to reflect on everyday business situations.

Among the new features, the company has called Smart Things Energy, a function that collects the power consumption of devices used by the user, allowing them to create healthy habits based on data.

In addition, Samsung intends to eliminate the power consumption of all its devices at rest, i.e. not in use, but plugged into the socket.

In partnership with clothing brand Patagonia, the companies will develop a washing machine that filters out the microplastics found in washing machines, preventing them from going overboard.

*Reporter traveled at the invitation of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

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