Chadwick Bosman won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and accepts his widow in an emotional speech.

Chadwick Bosman won his first Golden Globe, and that was for a movie he had never seen.

Bosman’s widow, Taylor Simon Ledward, received the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama on behalf of the late actor, Who died in August of colon cancer at the age of 43 – three months agoBottom of what renny blackIssued.

“He was saying something beautiful, something inspiring, something that would amplify this subtle voice within us all telling you that you could,” said Simon Ledward, as she and the audience wiped away tears. “This tells you to keep going, and it takes you back to what you’re supposed to be doing at this moment in history.”

Boseman is the first black winner in this category in nearly 15 years. (Forest Whitaker won at a 2007 gala for his performance as Eddie Amin in “The Last King of Scotland”). The accolade also made Bosman the first posthumous black winner in the acting category.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom review, During a recording session in Chicago in the 1920s, Associate New York Times critic AO Scott praised Bosman’s strong performance as “final”, and other critics called him the best of Bosman’s career. The film, which Scott described as the critic’s choice, was directed by George C. Wolfe and adapted from August Wilson’s play.

The drama tells the story of Rainey, the lead blues singer for the title played by Viola Davis (nominated for Best Actress in Drama Film), and her battle to protect her gift – her voice – from exploitation by her white owners. Record the mark. When Boseman’s trumpeter, an aspiring rookie named Levee, wants to play a song his own way, a conflict arises between vanities.

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Scott said in his review that the film “is a strong and scathing reminder of the necessity of art, of its sometimes terrible costs, and of the value of the people, the living and the dead, with whom we share it.”

Writing for the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw Bosman’s face was described as “a tool for every painful emotion”. “It’s such a generous performance: depicting a sacrificed man on the altar of his past,” added Bradshaw.

Bosman, who was told he had stage 3 colon cancer in 2016, He has undergone “countless surgeries” and chemotherapy During filming, but colleagues say he never allowed it. Coleman Domingo, who played another band member, “I brought tears into my eyes very early on, and I know what I know now” To The Times in December. “I don’t know how he did that.”

This was his first Golden Globe win for the actor, who made a relatively late start in his career before breaking through at the age of 35 with his first film studio role, playing the role of Jackie Robinson in42(2013).

He made his name playing national idol one by one in a series of biographies, including James Brown (”Get upAnd Thurgood Marshall (2014).MarshallBut he cemented his stardom with the role of Her Majesty Wakanda himself, T’Challa, inBlack PantherIn 2018.

This Marvel movie became a cultural sensation – it was the first major superhero movie with an African hero and the first to feature a majority of black actors – as well as one of the highest-grossing films of all time. Filmed in 2017, after Bosman received his diagnosis. (Marvel T’Challa said It will not be reformulated In the supplementary part, “Black Panther 2” will be released in July 2022.)

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In The Globes, Bosman defeated Riz Ahmed (“The Sound of Metal”), Anthony Hopkins (“The Father”), Gary Oldman (“Mank”) and Tahir Rahim (“The Mauritanian”).

Here is Simon Ledward’s full acceptance speech:

He was thanking God. He thanked his parents. He thanked his predecessors for their guidance and sacrifices. He will thank his amazing team: Michael Green, Great Sheba, Nikki Feravanti, Evelyn O’Neill, Chris Hovan, Logan Coles. His team will thank you for this movie: Deidra Dickson, Sean Richards, Craig Anthony and Andrew Carlon.

He would say something beautiful, something inspiring, something that would amplify that slight voice within us all telling you that you could, telling you to keep going, and getting you back to what you’re supposed to be doing in this moment of history. Mr. George C. Wolf, Mr. Denzel Washington, and a lot of people at Netflix will be thankful. He will thank Ms. Viola Davis, Mr. Glenn Turman, Mr. Michael Potts, Mr. Coleman Domingo, Ms. Taylor Page and Mr. Doosan Brown.

And I don’t have his words. But we do have to take all the moments to celebrate those we love, so thank you, HFPA, for this opportunity to do exactly that. And honey, keep coming. Thank you.

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