February 1, 2023

chance? AMER3 tops Ibovespa on Friday after falling 77%; MGLU3 not far away – Money Times

Americana shares ended the trading session on Friday (13) with a gain of 15.81%, after falling 77% in the previous session (Photo: REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino)

two shares of sectional in Electronic trade This Friday (13), rose to lead the tops ibovespa.

Leaves The Americans (Amer 3) ended the trading session with gains of 15.81%, after declining by 77% in the previous session after accounting discrepancies were discovered in the amount estimated at 20 billion Brazilian riyals.

According to data released by TradeMapYesterday, the retailer lost the equivalent of the market value of Minerva (beef 3) 8.4 billion reais, or two via (VIIA3), which is currently worth about R$4 billion.

Americanas’ market capitalization, which closed Thursday at R$2.45 billion, has recovered to around R$2.84 billion.

In a material fact revealed last night, Americana reports that in a preliminary analysis, Discrepancies are detected in the accounting entries which reduce the resource account carried out in previous years, including in 2022.

The company explained that among the discrepancies, there are purchase financing operations with a value of approximately 20 billion Brazilian riyals in which the company is indebted to financial institutions and is not sufficiently reflected in the suppliers’ account in the financial statements.

The discovery of the breach was led by the former CEO Sergio Real To resign after less than two weeks in office.

Banks and brokerages have put the Americana thesis under review after recent events. Among the institutions that maintained the recommendation, there are “neutral” and sell indicators.

This Friday, Lauro Jardim, d’the scientistthat the judge of the Fourth Business Court of Rio de Janeiro, Paulo Acid, It established a 30-day period for Americana to assess whether it is necessary to file for judicial recoveryin a precautionary measure required by the retailer.

Another positive day for Magalu

the Louisa Magazine (MGLU3) closed another day with appreciation this time at 7.52%. In the last trading session, the company’s value increased by 5.28%, with a market capitalization of R$1.06 billion. Currently, he is worth around R$23 billion.

In addition to the Americana recovery movement, which the market had already anticipated after the fall, and with Louisa’s journal following the pair, retail stocks benefited from the decline in the futures yield curve.

Guilherme Schunke Toledo, from the trading desk at Amur Capital, evaluates large funds, which have a sectoral allocation strategy, May direct resources to Magalu’s work.

However, Luiza magazine’s prospects are still cloudy. Analysts still expect a challenging year for e-commerce companies, with the scenario of inflation and interest rates still rising, putting pressure on the purchasing power of the Brazilian consumer.

For Fernando Ferrer, analyst at empirical researchNot only does the scenario remain challenging, but it seems to be getting worse. According to him, the roles of retailers can breathe if the local economy begins to see a decrease in defaults, which is not happening.

Ferrer says he does not have a good outlook for the sector.

“On the contrary, I think they are companies to avoid,” says the analyst.

Diego Leoncini, da Esh capitalMagazine Luiza believes that Magazine Luiza is in a better position compared to its peers, considering the increase in market share in e-commerce over the past few years.

However, Esh’s preference is for Free market.

Via stock turned around and ended Friday down 3.66%. The company informed yesterday that the risky operations withdrew (the agreement), which is one of the reasons for breaching the agreement The Americans (Amer 3), in the financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards.