Changes in immigration: Quebec would be subject to prosecution

Changements en immigration: Québec s’exposerait à des poursuites judiciaires

If it adopts such a what his immigration reform, the government Legault exposes certainly to have to defend it before the courts, according to a lawyer specializing in immigration.

Despite this, the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, remains of marble. He reiterated on Thursday that it would complete its bill 9, including the deletion of thousands of files were in the queue who could not be treated at the time of its adoption.

The lawyer Stéphane Handfield was presented to a parliamentary committee Thursday, the last day of the consultation on the draft bill 9, to warn the government, that is headed straight towards a wall, according to him.

“This is where we are going. The weapons are getting prepared. I say to you, mr. minister. We’re getting ready”, he launched the minister Jolin-Barrette.

Of lawsuits by candidates who feel aggrieved by class action, Quebec will have to spend a lot of money to defend its law in court, he predicted, adding that several provisions of the draft law will not be applicable without the approval of the federal government.

The liberal opposition has chimed in, as, obviously, the government was committing a sin of pride, refusing to retreat, despite all the warning signals.

“He exposes himself knowingly to legal action. I think that is where we start to find that it is pride misplaced,” concluded the spokesperson liberal mp Dominique Anglade, scrum, convinced that the risk of prosecution was very real.

It argues that, however, nothing prevents the government to treat 18 000 files waiting to be processed, which would solve the problem. Only the lack of political will materializes, she added.

“The government’s desire is always the same: to move forward quickly with the bill 9”, has commented the minister Jolin-Barrette, in a scrum with reporters, on the sidelines of the consultation.

It has not issued any comment suggesting amendments to its legislative controversial.

Without success, the minister had attempted in the morning to pass a motion stating that a few of the thousands of applicants ‘ files already installed in Quebec would be treated as a priority, once the law is adopted, under the new system Arrima, based on a declaration of interest.

In this case, these people, who sometimes wait for years to regularize their situation in Quebec, however, should decide to take over the whole process from the beginning.

The system Arrima deals with the application files only under the angle of needs of the labour market, while the current system is based on the principle of first-come, first-served basis.

The 18 000 files in queue related to the total of between 45 000 and 50 000 people, of which 3700 folders with about 6000 applicants already installed in Quebec and having a status of temporary worker.

Despite the criticism, the government is refusing stubbornly to deal with matters of these people according to the rules in force at the time they filed their application for a Québec selection certificate.

“It is the choice of the government based on the new system of declaration of interest. The main criterion is employability,” snapped the minister.

The prime minister François Legault has confirmed also the intention of the government to give priority to the requests made by the applicants in Quebec who are willing to start afresh with the system Arrima.

But they will have to be patient, because it is not possible for the moment, the draft law is still not adopted. And they will not have any indication as to whether the new selection process will increase or decrease their chances of being able to emigrate to Quebec.

“Once the draft law will be adopted, we will give priority to the 3700 records of persons who are currently in Quebec”, he assured during a media scrum.

The work experience will be a determining factor in choosing candidates in the future, ” he said.

“That’s what is important. There is a shortage of manpower currently,” added Mr. Legault.

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