August 7, 2022
Chapter summaries for the week of July 18-23 · TV news

Chapter summaries for the week of July 18-23 · TV news

Monday, 7/18 (Chapter 139)
Isadora pretends to be asleep when Joaquim arrives in the room. Santa warns that Julenha and Constantino do not know that Inacio has become a millionaire. David has an idea to convince Isadora of her innocence. Heloisa asks Isadora not to denounce David. Bartholomew asks Leonidas’ forgiveness.

Ursula meets Abel. Santa worried about casino audit. Constantino has an idea to make money. Benny Violetta warns of a pest in the sugarcane field. Davy takes Romana and Arthur to talk to Isadora. Joachim searches for Isadora in the studio.

Tuesday, 7/19 (Chapter 140)
Isadora deceives Joachim. Violetta thinks about how to save the sugarcane farm. Davy despairs when he sees Joachim kiss Isadora. Constantino and Juliana fake a home burglary, and Santa suspects them. Davy asks Arminda to get Isadora to investigate the tapestry. Margo suspects Emilia’s bragging.

Isadora verifies Tela Têxtil contracts and receipts. Ben warns Violetta that the fire on the lost farm could destroy the entire farm. Anastácia reveals to Leonidas that Bartolomeu paid for a course of medicine. Isadora discovers that the textile cloth does not exist. Davy sees Joachim and Yolanda together.

Wednesday, 7/20 (Chapter 141)
Davy hears that Yolanda is making an appointment with Joachim. Bartolomeo dies and Leonidas becomes emotional. Bennett helps Violetta save the farm. Isadora decides to talk to Davi. Úrsula gives money to Abel.

Duffy tells Isadora about the meeting Yolanda arranged with Joachim and has an idea for the girl to believe. Heluisa advises Isadora to investigate the case of Joachim and Yolanda. Binet is upset by Matthias’ affection for Olivia. Tenorio discovers that his cousin and her husband have been arrested. Isadora sees Joachim and Yolanda kissing each other.

Thursday, 7/21 (Chapter 142)
Duffy does not allow Isadora to interrupt the meeting between Joachim and Yolanda. Tenorio is considering writing an article for a newspaper. Joachim assures her that he will consummate his marriage, and Isadora is afraid. Davy decides to leave Campos. Enrico’s scam is discovered in a casino, and Santa Claus offers a reward for catching a chip forger.

Onofre announced that Lucinha would be his new assistant. Isadora confirms with Iara all the information about Joaquim. Mariana finds out where Emilia is hiding her money. Ignatius gives his fortune to help Santa. Isadora announces herself to David and the kiss.

Friday, 7/22 (Chapter 143)
Isadora confirmed to Davy that she will be splitting with Joaquim. He scolds Eugenio Godson for the way he behaves with his wife. Leonidas encourages Violetta to rehire Penny. Salvador gets angry at Tenorio’s article and goes to the textile factory to arrest him. Davy returned to work at the factory and Joachim was enraged.

Olivia tries to prevent Tenório’s capture and Matías thinks about how to help the girl. Santa Constantino and Julinha tell that the casino has a new partner. Mariana tells Margo where Emilia is hiding. Tenório Lisiê asks about his inheritance. David sends Yolanda away from her home. Isadora confronts Joaquim and warns her about the annulment of her marriage.

Saturday, 7/23 (Chapter 144)
Yolanda tells Davy that she will not leave the house. Tenório introduces Lisiê to Olivia. Joachim says he will not part with Isadora. Lisiê and Olívia discover that Tenório cannot be released and are saddened. Abel breaks into Eugenio’s house in search of Ursula. Isadora insults Yolanda.

Constantino and Giulini find clues about the alleged casino partner. Margo and Mariana betray Emilia and Enrico to Santa. Joachim tries to attack Duffy, who surprises him with a magic trick. Pinto arrives in the village on Lorenzo and Leticia’s wedding day.

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