September 24, 2023
Charisma, Straight Talk, and Feminism: Marilia Mendonca's Path to Becoming the Queen of Suffering |  Wonderful

Charisma, Straight Talk, and Feminism: Marilia Mendonca’s Path to Becoming the Queen of Suffering | Wonderful

You can hardly count the number of successes Marilia Mendonca. Every fan sings their favorite chorus at the opening A report you can see above. “Supera”, “Everyone Will Suffer”, “Infiel”… There are many favorite tracks of every Brazilian, which is responsible for making her the most listened to artist in the country over the past two years.

Marilia was a hurricane. He won a Latin Grammy with the album “all angles”, which became a chain on globoplay. All the success is due to the revolution it brought about in country music, singing about women’s empowerment, even under the theme of suffering: this is how Feminejo became known.

The sertanejo is led by a shoe and a hat. Thirty-five years ago, can you imagine the prejudice I faced even that, thank God, Vimingo, or even this country girl’s world, began to flow in a less prejudiced way.

– Roberta Miranda, country singer

The death of Marilia Mendonca caused the New York Times, for the first time, to publish the term “Feminejo”. For men, this revolution made them rock.

We even began to rethink our literature. Country music was highly gendered, and very masculine. masculine. It tells us more about the relationship of a man to a woman and not the relationship of the Mühler to a man. It was a one-sided look. Now, you have these girls championing another side.

– singer Z de Camargo

And the suffering, which has now taken over the whole of Brazil, is shared with fond memories, as revealed by Zezé di Camargo:

‘She said ‘Let me do with you something I’ve always wanted to do? ‘ So I was sitting on the sofa like this, and she put her head on my shoulder, cried and said, ‘Every time I hear you sing, I feel like doing it. Put my head on my shoulder.” Then I sang: “Put your little head on my shoulder and cry…and tell me all your sorrows.”

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