November 28, 2023
Charles is the 2022 'Unlimited' Champion |  2022

Charles is the 2022 ‘Unlimited’ Champion | 2022

Charles He is the great hero On the edge 2022. The participant won the vote gshow And take home a prize 500 thousand Brazilian riyals. After playing in the grand final side by side Ibogukan And the LucasHe is happy with the result.

Charles is the Champion of Unlimited 2022 – Photo: Globo

Talking about everything he did, the winner said: “Duty done, I entered this game to win. Playing means what I did!”

‘Boundless’: Charles gets emotional when he hears the result – Image: Globo

Watch Charles Track, Champion

Watch the track of Charles, the ‘Unlimited’ Champion

The end of the program had tests of passion and challenge

Charles, Ibogokan and Lucas are finalists for ‘Without Borders’ – Photo: Globo

The end of the day’s program was marked by more adventures, challenges and reunions. The first heat required balance and calm, and the participants had to balance balls and platforms on top of each other. Clecio was the first to be disqualified.

Soon, Charles, Lucas, Ibogokan, and Victor participated in the second round. Victor didn’t get the spot and said goodbye to the show. Since he was unable to participate in the program, he Paulistano sent a message to the public and to TOP 3.

The finalists in the second round of the “Without Borders” program – Photo: Globo

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