October 1, 2022
Check if you are a buffer in the relationship and find out what to do

Check if you are a buffer in the relationship and find out what to do

When we communicate with other people, whether with love or not, we always want to show our qualities. We often act as a barrier in a relationship without even realizing it.

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It turns out that being a person who resolves conflicts is not always a bad thing, the problem is when this quality becomes something pathological, as the person does not even realize that he is forming situations for himself.

When we define the damper in LinkIt is necessary, carefully and carefully, to offer to seek professional help from a psychologist or therapist.

Understand: what is damper in a relationship

As the word implies, being a buffer in a relationship is like the meaning itself. A person has characteristics that withstand impacts, but not always in a good way.

A barrier in a relationship is a person who always mediates situations and often forms in the environment. This makes each person aware of different behaviors with different people, which generates doubts about the personality.

In addition, the frustration in the relationship ends up taking on many roles because they do not believe in others, which makes the partner feel helpless or even weak.

Five signs that you are frustrated in a relationship

Check out five signs below that you have or know a shock absorber Link.

1: You always try to make the people around you in harmony and end up feeling responsible for everyone else.

2: You feel like you’re doing better than anyone else and that’s why you end up taking on many responsibilities that are not yours.

3: You are always upset with someone and feel anxious all the time, as if people don’t appreciate your efforts.

4: You always moderate the behavior or actions of others, reducing the impact of what has already happened.

5: Your greatest fear is that someone will discover that you have behaved badly and will do everything to make them cause conflict.