July 23, 2024

Check if you have any “forgotten money” to receive

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Check if you have any "forgotten money" to receive
Check if you have any "forgotten money" to receive

The topic of the moment is “forgotten money” in banks by Brazilians who are entitled to these sums. According to the information, 38.92 billion people have a total of 27.71 billion R$ of accounts receivable.
The Central Bank (BC) has issued advisories on “forgotten” funds by Brazilians in financial institutions (such as closed checking or savings accounts with available balance and fees or installments related to incorrectly charged credit operations).

British Columbia reported that in this first phase, about R$4 billion will be returned to 28 million individuals or legal entities. In total, according to the Corporation’s estimates, customers may be entitled to about R$8 billion.
In the list of values ​​to be returned, there are PIS / Pasep shares that have not yet been withdrawn by 10.6 million people, who are entitled to R$23.5 billion.

See Where You Might Have “Forgot Money”

Remember that the average amount to be returned is R$ 142.85 per person or company. In this first stage are included values ​​that indicate:

Current or savings accounts that have been closed with an available balance;
incorrectly charged bank charges or obligations relating to credit operations, provided that the return is provided in the commitment clause signed by the bank with the BC;
equity shares and the allocation of net surpluses to beneficiaries and participants in credit unions;
Unsolicited calls related to closed consortium groups.
To see if you have receivables, go to:
It is necessary to inform the CPF (individuals) and CNPJ (companies) number;
The page will inform a date to consult the trustee and request a withdrawal (note this date). On the announced date, access the page https://valoresareceber.bcb.gov.br again
Use your gov.br login information to access the system (if you do not have a registration, you must go to the federal government website to register).

Then you can check the amount and request a transfer.

PIS / Pasep . Fund

According to Caixa Econômica Federal, about 10.6 million people will be able to withdraw the PIS / Pasep Fund, which has been issued since August 2019 to beneficiaries of all ages (if they have not yet withdrawn the amount).
The bank informed that 23.5 billion Brazilian reais are awaiting the withdrawal of beneficiaries.

Quotas are for those who worked with an official contract between 1971 and 4 October 1988. Public servants who are entitled to BASSEP shares will also be able to withdraw amounts.

In the event of the death of the shareholder, the heirs and successors are allowed to withdraw funds.
The deadline for withdrawing these funds will expire on June 1, 2025. Amounts not withdrawn after this date will be considered negligent and the federal government will own the funds.

Many of these shares were not withdrawn due to the death of the shareholder prior to the withdrawal of the amount. Many heirs were unaware that the deceased possessor had the benefit.

Another reason is that elderly beneficiaries who do not know have the right to withdraw the ration amounts.
The PIS / Pasep share can only be withdrawn once by the receivable, and after the funds are withdrawn, the balance is canceled.

In 2020, the PIS/Pasep Fund was abolished by the Federal Government and its funds were transferred to the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço). Therefore, Caixa will be responsible for paying the PIS/Pasep stakes.

A worker who is entitled to PIS / Pasep shares and has not yet made a withdrawal, can request a withdrawal through the FGTS application, in a digital way, choosing the following options: “My withdrawals”, “Other withdrawals”, “PIS / Pasep”. You can indicate an account at any banking institution to receive funds (no fees will be charged). In the event of the shareholder’s death, the account balance will be provided to their dependents.

You can get PIS earnings:

  • By account credit, when a worker has an individual account with Caixa, with a balance and positive movement in recent months.
  • At Caixa ATMs, the reporter Caixa Aqui and the lottery, using the Citizen Card.
  • In Caixa branch
  • Identification documents:
  • ID card
  • Driving license (new model)
  • The functional portfolio is recognized by decree
  • Military ID
  • Alien ID card
  • A passport issued in Brazil or abroad

how to consult

You can refer to it through the FGTS application, on the FGTS website (www.fgts.gov.br) and for Caixa account holders through Caixa Internet Banking. In these channels, you will be able to select the name of the employer, which will be registered in both PIS and Pasep.

PIS (Social Integration Program)
Pasep (public server software)

Remember that PIS / Pasep stakes are not the same as salary bonus PIS / Pasep. This is because the worker receives the salary bonus once a year according to the number of months worked and has an average income up to the minimum wage.

PIS / Pasep shares are paid to the worker only once.

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