December 2, 2022
Check out 10 things a tablet does better than a cell phone |  plank

Check out 10 things a tablet does better than a cell phone | plank

buy a tablet Android or one IPAD It’s a decision that includes a first-hand analysis of your day. The device is ideal to use for presentations, to take notes by hand or even to be a multitasking solution in your work routine. With screen sizes ranging from approximately 7 to 15 inches, the device is a lighter option than a laptop and more attractive features than a traditional cell phone. Prices also depend on the user’s need, and ability from BRL 823 for one Galaxy Tab A7 lite and get 26,949 Brazilian Real for one iPad Pro.

Although many smartphone models manage to offer almost everything in the palm of our hands, others are more like the most powerful devices, such as Galaxy Z Fold 4Give SamsungFor some things, it’s better to choose a tablet. So TechTudo has detailed some reasons to consider when buying a device that can act as a steering wheel in everyday tasks.

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus – Photo: Carolina Zanta / TechTudo

1. Watch movies with plenty of space

Tablets are a great companion when watching movies or series, due to their lightness – compared to laptops, for example – and the eye comfort that their large screens provide, when compared to a cell phone screen. a Galaxy Tab S8 UltraRecently launched by Samsung, it has a 14.6-inch screen, which is considered the largest in the brand and because of that, it offers more screen space compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 – also launched this year. The South Korean foldable mobile phone starts at R$11,519, while the latest tablet is being launched For 12,499 BRL.

2. Plug in a keyboard and work like a spacious PC

Among the advantages of using a tablet is also the possibility to get some accessories to give more flexibility to your daily life, including the keyboard. The models for both Android tablets and iPads usually differ according to the inches of the device and provide a better user experience than if paired with a smartphone (yes, that is possible).

In the case of the iPad, for example, the An apple It has Magic Keyboard, with touchpad, From 2,999 BRL. Models without the built-in mouse start from R$ 1610 on the official website. There are also options from companies like Logitech for more attractive pricing.

iPad 2020 compatible with Apple Pencil – Photo: Playback / Apple

3. Take notes by hand

For students, designers, and even handwriting enthusiasts, a tablet can be an attractive stylus compatibility option. pencil. The accessory allows you to transform the use of the device to give more precise movements, especially when drawing or writing.

Ease of portability is also a difference in the accessory, especially for those who don’t want to buy a traditional mouse. They have an internal battery and are paired with the device via Bluetooth, and in some cases, they can also work with some smartphone models – such as S Pen From Samsung to Galaxy S22 Ultrathis costs R$549 on Amazon. Apple also sells its own mustache, the Apple Pencil, at a much higher price: 1,079 Brazilian Real.

Not only adults can enjoy the features of the tablet. Parents who allow their children access to the screen find a true entertaining ally. In 2020, . was released The Google Advertise partnership with manufacturers like LenovoAnd the multi lasermiddle and Nokia To enter a specific area for children to use, the Google Kids Space. The service offers apps, books, and videos for the age indicated by parents, as well as allowing for more parental control during use.

In the case of Samsung, it is necessary to download an application (only original for Galaxy Tab S4) is called children’s space. Parents and guardians who prefer the Apple ecosystem can explore the Content & Privacy area to block or restrict certain apps and features.

5. Excellent company for meetings

Another feature that can be very useful, especially at work, is using a tablet or iPad for meetings. Journalists, business people, educators, and any other profession that needs to speak to a large audience find the device a first-class assistant — whether it’s on a small screen, like an 8.3-inch screen. ipad minior giant, as in Galaxy Tab S8 super.

The device can act as a text stand or as a screen for displaying projects, spreadsheets, and even videos. Since they have access to the Internet, they are also lightweight options for participating in meetings by video call, providing good audio and video quality depending on which model the consumer chooses.

Unlike smartphones, which spend an average of two years with their users, tablets tend to last longer in the hands of consumers. Apple devices receive system updates for an average of 7 years. Many people tend to keep using devices, which take time to get old.

It is important to clarify that lithium-ion batteries, which are currently used in smartphones and tablets, have no memory effect, making old components “addictive” – ​​Photo: clone / Samsung

7. Browse the web without draining your cell phone battery

The compatibility of tablets with the Internet is also something that helps in everyday life, primarily to save a cell phone battery. After all, you can use your Android tablet or iPad to easily browse websites, watch videos, and even play your favorite games. In this way, the smartphone is reserved for the moments when it is necessary to interact with other people, such as calls, selfies and conversations via the messaging app.

Some tablets sold in Brazil even work with it 5G internetLike the new generations of the iPad Mini, the 11-inch iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the Galaxy Tab S8 5G.

8. You can use it as a second screen

Another tip for those who want support during work activities is to use an Android tablet or iPad as a second monitor. In this way, it is possible to explore different formats, especially helping those who work with editing applications. Because the screen is larger, the experience is more comfortable than using a cell phone.

iPad users can use Sidecar, which expands the range Mac on a smaller device. For this, in addition to compatibility with the system, you just need to connect both devices with the same Apple ID. On Samsung tablets, the mirroring option can be found in the device’s quick settings.

Apple iPad – Photo: Apple / Disclosure

9. Take advantage of the drag and drop function

Users of the Apple ecosystem can still find another advantage in purchasing an iPad, especially if they own a Mac or MacBook. When connected, the devices allow the user to drag and drop the iPad to move and copy items using Universal Control.

The feature supports the use of a mouse or trackpad to drag and drop between devices. This means that the user will be able to draw with the Apple Pencil on the iPad and use the mouse or trackpad to drag the drawing to Keynote on the Mac.

10. Really multitasking

Finally, perhaps one of the most desired features by anyone buying a tablet is the ability to have more than one app open side by side. Due to the size of their screens, a large part of modern models allow their users to use the device as multitasking, email mode, notes widgets, and even messengers divided into a single screen.

These kinds of features are currently only found in foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. In general, the restrictions are greater than for tablets.

with information from Apple (1/two/3), Samsung (1/two) And the The Google

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