June 28, 2022
Check out some different games that run directly from Steam Deck

Check out some different games that run directly from Steam Deck

The official Twitter profile posts videos of developers using development kits

NS steam surface, laptop from valveIt’s already there The hands of different developers And they appear How do your games work on your laptop. .’s official profile Steam Deck no Twitter Shows posts from game makers who have the development kit, as well as updates about production steam deck.

If you love to fly, know that X-plane Already working on my laptop from valve. No simulator of this type is so lightweight and hardware intensive. Not only does the controller power X-Plane 12, it also supports crews with sticks and levers, for example.

Devil May Cry 5 It brought beautiful graphics in a well-optimized engine (RE Capcom engine), so it will not be difficult for Steam Deck to handle it. Below are also samples of XL . skater NS sable.

– Continues after announcement –

Various game developers have posted their videos using Valve laptop development kit to run their games. Shock System 2, QFIELD, Riven, Dyson Sphere even Newly released Psychonauts 2 Here are some of the games offered. Profile the magician Also posted a video of the current version of Witcher 3 It works on Steam Deck.

Steam Deck begins shipping in December to those who pre-order. The mini computer will have three different models that cost $399 with 64GB, $529 with 256GB, $649 for the 512GB model and equipped with AMD custom APU based on Zen 2 and RDNA 2.

Let’s make our own Steam Deck and test the performance
If Valve doesn’t send one out, we make it with a black plug and…


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Source: Twitter / Steam Dick