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Check out the attractions at the “Faustão na Band” show | the television

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Check out the attractions at the "Faustão na Band" show |  the television
Check out the attractions at the "Faustão na Band" show |  the television

Fausto Silva announced the attractions of the new programplay / band

Posted on 01/01/2022 08:46 | Updated on 01/01/2022 08:52

Rio – The arrival of 2022 brought a first appearance on Brazilian television. “Faustão na Band” aired on Virada and marked the presenter’s return to the channel after 32 years on TV Globo. Fausto Silva’s contract expired in July last year.

Faustau appeared on the small screen to tell about the various attractions on his daily show, where he will share the matter with journalist Anne Lauterman, who has left Globo for Band, and his son João Guilherme.

“Every day of the week we will present a different schedule. It’s more than just a programme, we’re following a schedule, it’s Faustão here in the band,” declared the program host.

On Monday, Fausto Silva will present the painting “Pizzaria do Faustão”. On Tuesday, Anne Lauterman said, “Grana ou Fama” will have participants “who will go on stage and decide whether to trust talent and invest their money in their talent, or decide whether to keep the money or the fame.”

On Wednesday, the “Dança das Feras” panel will feature professionals presenting different musical tunes. On Thursday, the musical mix for “Na Pista do Sucesso” and the closing of the week, on Friday, “Churrascão do Faustão.”

“Faustão na Band” is scheduled for January 17, 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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