December 4, 2022
Check out the first photo of Fátima Bernardes on "The Voice Brasil" |  2022

Check out the first photo of Fátima Bernardes on “The Voice Brasil” | 2022

Everyone is waiting to see Fatima Bernardis in the Brazil’s voice. But while season eleven hasn’t even started, how about a sneak peek at the presenter’s first photo on stage? 👀

with a look all Black And stone applications, the presenter will arrive already swinging in terms of beauty. On the first recording, she wore a jacket with shoulder pads, a cropped blouse, and high-waisted skinny pants. The heels have the same shades of black and silver.

Have you also noticed our presenter’s nails? 💅 Matching reality board.

He said when he arrived:

I was very well received, I was very happy. All technicians visited me several times in the “meeting”, so it was a meeting with these people. And what I really enjoyed was meeting the audience again. It was very touching to see that affection. I’m so excited”

Fatima Bernardes: First photo on stage in “The Voice Brasil” – Photo: João Cotta / Globo

Now there is very little left to see the journalist in her new role! After 10 years at the helm DateAnd the Preparing for a new professional challenge With great enthusiasm and excitement. it’s the gshowAs usual, each file appears spoilers And behind the scenes here. ⭐⭐⭐ Check out some of the content we’ve released so far!

Fatma Bernardes on “The Voice Brasil” – Photo: João Cotta / Globo

Surprise, fashion tests and predictions

On her first registration day, dear Fatina Surprised by the program team With “Welcome” and “Congratulations” basket. The announcer turned 60 the day before and the celebration came in the midst of a new professional challenge. 🔽

Fatima Bernardis receives a surprise on the first day of recording “The Voice Brasil”

for our team, It also showed some preparations She gave details of her appropriate outfit.

We try different things, they are all tested. Some go to sew, and it has to be adjusted, and some of it has to be expanded … And then, after all that, we try to dress again, see if it looks good, photograph, watch shoes, try to think about the hair, in the jewelry, to get the look perfect fit for you”

Fatima Bernardis presents preparations for her first launch on “The Voice Brasil” – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“It’s so beautiful! I’m sure you’ll love it!”

We can’t wait either, Fatima! Come November! we are ready!