December 6, 2023
Check out the six-phase qualifiers for the tournament - Metro World News Brasil

Check out the six-phase qualifiers for the tournament – Metro World News Brasil

After the group stage from League of Legends MSI 2022We know the six teams that are still alive in the tournament and are looking to rank for the next stage.

To continue the hunt for the title, teams will need to go through the six-phase stage that begins tomorrow, May 20. At this stage of the competition, all teams play each other in the round-robin stage, and only the four best-ranked qualify for the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian representative in the competition, RED Canids Kalunga, did not manage to qualify for the six-phase stage despite putting on a good campaign, highlighting the performance of his hunter, Aegis.

Matches at this point will be played between May 20 and 24 and will be broadcast on Riot’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

Who are the Six Classifiers?

distance First stage matchesSix teams survive in the competition. By playing in the hexagonal stage, the six teams will face each other in two matches. In the end, only four teams were left to play in the semi-finals.

As for Group A, we weren’t surprised that T1’s top spot in the campaign, until then, was flawless. In second place, the rating went to Saigon Buffalo, her second participation in the competition.

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For Group B, where RED Canids Kalunga competed, first place went to RNG who had won all the matches they had played so far. Second place went to Paris Saint-Germain Talon, who managed to score a victory over the Brazilians and the Turks, winning second place by a very narrow margin.

In Group C, with only three competing teams, G2 victorious and won all matches played, while Evil Geniuses took second place and secured the next stage of the competition.