January 31, 2023
Check out the surprise of the CBLOL 2022 Final, with an unprecedented champion

Check out the surprise of the CBLOL 2022 Final, with an unprecedented champion

The countdown to the CBLOL Final has begun, with a show set to the sound of live drums. The countdown was to the CBLOL 2022 Final, at Ginásio do Ibirapuera, in São Paulo, on September 2. League of Legends characters Xayah and Rakan begin with aerial choreography in the middle of the stage. For those who don’t know, in the history of the game, they make up a couple.

Watch the video below to see what happened in the final:

160,000 simultaneous viewers on the tournament’s YouTube channel alone watched the opening ceremony, in addition to the full broadcast of the final.

As the drums continued, singers Rincon, Benigao and Kato Mirim entered the scene, and together they performed the song “A Retomada,” produced especially for the finale. So was the entry of e-sportsmen, with the sound still going, the full lineup of Pain Gaming and LOUD teams entered the scene, thrilling the crowd.

The final match followed the Md5 format, that is, the best out of five matches would be the new champion.

1 . game

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League of Legends is a team game where esports athletes face a bloody battle, with lots of cool moves, spells, strategy and team moves. Early on, there is the selection of characters called heroes, character blocking, and strategy setting.

  • LOUD picks: Kalista, Poppy, Amumu, Taliyah, Olaf – blue map
  • Pain Anthology: Wukong, Azir, Seraphine, Alistar, Fiora – Red Map

The first game of the Md5 Championship is the moment when players take the opportunity to study what the opponent’s gameplay will be like, and the strategies used. As in any sport, it is important to monitor the opponent, know his strengths and weaknesses, and of course measure his strength. In the game of battle, it is necessary to understand how the opposing team thinks.

The match started warm, as both teams focused on “cultivating” troops, that is, improving their player’s points. It didn’t take LOUD’s Jungler Croc (playing Poppy) long to catch his opponent by surprise (gank) in Mid-laner DyNquedo (playing Azyr). This was the first time he had killed such a great final in the middle of the lane. Next, Forest Pain Cariok (playing Wukong) shoots Poppy down, as he makes his first kill.

LOUD continued to achieve some goals, but they were under pressure in the robotics track. This was the perfect moment for the opposing team to try to gain the upper hand. Minor mistakes from both teams made fans happy: ambushes, open battles and a lot of destruction.

With the removal by Robo (Olaf) in the top lane, followed by the destruction of two towers in the lane, LOUD greatly increased its advantage.

Pain dominated the bots lane, and the result was: 6 kills and 4 hand towers, 5 kills and 3 pain towers. Over the course of the match, Pain suffered a lot of kills and failed to complete objectives. Calista and Talya became gigantic. Payne’s crowd was more and more silent. You can feel the cold weather in the gym.

LOUD, with plenty of advantages, conquered the Baron and unlocked the Pain map on the base. The fight began in the middle of the corridor and extended to Payne’s base. In this, LOUD (especially the small pieces playing Talia) remove a large part of the opponent, open the map, that is, destroy the mana and towers and win the first match, by destroying the Nexus.

Ibirapuera hostel with the bustling crowd. It was the first victory.

2 . game

  • Loud Picks: Gnar, Poppy, Taliyah, Kalista and Amumu. – I stayed on the blue map
  • Pain Anthology: Aatrox, Wukong, Azir, Draven, Braum – Stayed on the red map

Unlike the previous match, this one started with tension, with a lot of fights between the two teams. But the result was zero to zero. Suddenly Pain dives (i.e. kills opponents under their tower). At this point, Trigo (playing Draven), Damage and Cariok (playing Wukon) face off against Ceos (playing Amumu) and Brance (playing kalista). The dive was well executed, taking out the first match, on top of Amomo. However, the upper laner robo (playing Gnar) used the tower’s teleport, and went to help the LOUD team. His health was already low, and he ended up eliminating Robow, but Calista Prince benefited greatly with his ability to kill Kariuk as well, scoring two goals.

It was a tragedy for Pain, who made a brilliant move, but Robo intercepted it, rendering the entire strategy useless.

In five minutes of the match, the total number of dead for both teams was already seven. Pain manages to do damage in a few exchanges with Loud, but again Taliyah and Kalista are very powerful and both guarantee most of the team’s kills.

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With advanced methods and goals at hand, the Pain Base begins to emerge. The story began to take shape, as the fans of the team could not believe what they were seeing. With a triple kill, Calista makes an ace and eliminates all opponents. Thus, the Towers of Pain and Nexus fall.

It was LOUD’s second victory celebration of the day with the show held during the intermission, to the voice of the Brothers DJs Cat Dealers. Soon, a quartet of rappers from Haikaiss invaded the stage and set fire to the Ibirapuera Gym.

3 . game

  • Loud Picks: Gnar, Wukong, Sylas, Aphelios, and Leona – RED SIDE
  • Pain relievers: Atrox, Sijuani, Ahari, Calista and Amomo – the blue side

The match started hot: Sejuani swept through the jungle and Amumu followed suit.

In a wrong play, damage was shown (amumu) in the middle of 3 LOUD players. Of course, it was liquidated. Team Ben had no choice but to step back from play, and in that exit, some killings took place. In the end, LOUD got 2 kills and 1 pain with 1. A gritty attempt to express (kill under the tower) pain in T1 (tower 1) of the robot lane, but Wizer uses teleportation and runs to help the team, who manages to regain control of the match.

The match remains tied, and both teams overcome some map targets. The Herald was up to Pain, who squeezed into the robot lane and released Buff in T1. As the Herald nods his head on the tower, the chorus of chanting headshot coincided with the cry of “Oooooh, PEI.” Ibirapuera hostel!

In the dragon’s den, the sound starts to get loud and the “pain” tries to blend into the fight. The bot starts the battle and Loud gets more takedowns, and he increases in advantage. In the 20th minute into the match, Pain receives pressure at the top and Loud receives pressure in the robot lane.

Despite the unfavorable outcome, Pain has a small advantage, winning a mini-game (team players run after killing enemies individually) over Robo.

While Loud fights for the dragon, Pain wins the baron, but loses two champions in a team fight. On the middle road, Loud pulls up the road, and enters Sejuani. Pain begins to fight, but Ceos is nearly wiped out. Although Calista kills, Lou gets 4 kills and benefits from the map.

Lou continues to unlock the map, and the battle takes place at Pain’s base. Only dyNquedo (Ahri) survives. The pain was practically dead. At that moment, the players LOUD Robo (playing gnar), Tinowns (playing sylas), Brance (playing aphelios) and Ceos (playing leona) ended the relationship. Surprise everyone, including LOUD, to win the tournament in a 3 x 0 sequence.

LOUD is the great champion of CBLOL 2022, with the team’s first title. The Ibirapuera club is going crazy, which makes the team’s signature L characteristic. The team lifts the trophy, and in doing so gets the chance to compete in the League of Legends World Championship, Realms.

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