September 21, 2023

Check the calendar and see if you really get it!

Workers who work under the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) system have many rights that are protected by law. Among them is the payment of a salary bonus, if it fits the rules. In this way, salary bonus refers to PIS/Pasep, or in other words, Social Integration Program or General Personnel Asset Formation Program.

Although they traditionally appear together, each one serves a different audience. For example, PIS, which is under Caixa, targets those who are private sector employees. In turn, Pasep focuses on civil servants, and the administrative bank is Banco do Brasil.

Salary Allowance: Check the calendar and find out if you're really earning!
Find out who can get the salary allowance / Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Payments in 2022

In 2022, workers were able to count on the PIS/Pasep bonus payment, up to a maximum of R$1,212.00. However, not everyone can get the amount. This happens since the salary bonus is paid according to the number of months worked.

In this way, those who worked during all months of the base year are entitled to receive the full amount. However, those who worked less time will have to do the math to see what value they can get. It is important to note that each month equals 1/12 of the minimum wage, as shown below:

  • 1 month: 101 BRL
  • Two months: 202 BRL
  • 3 months: 303 BRL
  • 4 months: 404 BRL
  • 5 months: R$505
  • 6 months: 606 BRL
  • 7 months: 707 BRL
  • 8 months: 808 BRL
  • 9 months: Rls 909
  • 10 months: 1010 BRL
  • 11 months: 1,111 Rls
  • 12 months: 1,212 R$

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Requirements to obtain

It is necessary to fulfill some requirements to receive the PIS / Pasep salary allowance, namely:

  • have earned an average salary up to a minimum wage, in relation to the base year;
  • The registration information must be properly recorded in e-Social or Rais, something that the company or employer has done;
  • have worked for a minimum of thirty days in the base year;
  • Have a record of at least 5 years in PIS/Pasep, with reference to the base year.

PIS / Pasep 2023 Salary Bonus

Traditionally, one year’s PIS/Pasep salary allowance is paid the following year. However, due to the pandemic, there has been a change in the payment schedule. Accordingly, in 2022, the allowance is paid for 2020. However, the expectation was high that the allowance for 2021 will also be paid this year, as it will happen according to the rules.

However, it is known that the 2021 allowance will most likely be paid in the first half of 2023. This means that the above rules remain in force, but the time should be counted from 2021. Therefore, you may be entitled to receive in the next year those who have enrolled In PIS/Pasep for 5 years, counting the base year 2021.

What is the value?

The maximum salary allowance varies depending on the minimum wage. For this reason, it is not yet possible to determine the maximum amount that workers will be able to receive, as the minimum wage for 2023 has not yet been confirmed. According to the federal government’s draft budget submitted to Congress, it can reach R$1,302.

However, since there are no official confirmations yet, it is necessary to wait and find out. It is worth noting that the minimum wage changes every year based on the INPC (National Consumer Price Index), which is the main indicator of inflation in the country. Thus, adjustment must always be accompanied by, or greater than, inflation.

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