August 11, 2022
Check the main March predictions for the signs of the zodiac

Check the main March predictions for the signs of the zodiac

March 2022 will be intense, especially for Aquarians, who will have at least four planets roaming their house, and they are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn. As for social relationships, this will greatly affect Aquarius, especially in matters of altruism, empathy and the search for a reflection of their social role.

The search for change will be present in all signs, since we will be in that transitional period between winter and spring, looking for better days, of light.

Each sign has its own peculiarity in March and we will outline what this month holds for each of them, with a brief summary of issues related to mind, work, love and luck.

There are many definitions of each sign in this month of March tending to be evolutionary, however, a step back to restore energies and replay plans will be interesting to everyone from the second half of the month.


The word that defines March for Aries is sensitivity and you can spend quality times with your loved one, if you already have, even moments of tiredness. Try to avoid disagreement and understand that the moment is from one extreme to the other.

You’ll be more cheerful and in a high mood in March, and that could be a reason to open some doors. Venus will influence Pretty much an Aries sign, in this way, you will be able to succeed and savor the moments of love.


March will be the month when you bring out your warrior and brave side, and it will be a good time for you to go after what you want. Your attractiveness will increase, you will attract people and open new horizons. It will also be a time to think about yourself and be good to yourself.

A new love may arise for those who are single, but it will also be a time to strengthen the relationship for those who already have someone. March will be an excellent month to take on and search for new career resources, especially from the second half of the year.


Geminis will get an extra charge of energy and focus in March, and this will contribute to a stronger body and mind. The month will be light and peaceful, but always be careful in your efforts. There will still be a call from the universe for changes in the family environment, for the better.

Mars will have a strong influence on the native Gemini, and this will provoke a desire to take charge of their destiny. The desire to build new career prospects will be overt, but you should always act with extreme caution.


For Cancer, March promises to be peaceful, with moments of peace and reflection. Take care of your health, it’s a very strange month for Cancers to expose themselves to health problems.

The mind will be creative and it may be a month of developing good ideas. It will also be a very fertile month to make money, especially one you didn’t even expect to get. In love it will be a month of calm and without many chances of finding a new love.


For Leo, this month promises to be fertile and to develop their talents in the best possible way. The month will reflect your creativity and professionalism, but beware of envy. You will be in high spirits and will be able to connect with others.

Beware of health problems related to the digestive system. Some changes can appear within you, and before you do anything, especially in the professional sphere, they are reflected. In love is the month of calm and peace.


For Virgos, the month will be very good in terms of learning and personal development. Your creativity will also increase and you don’t have to be afraid to dive into and create new things.

Work will be very present in the lives of Virgo natives in March, and therefore, it can lead to physical and mental fatigue. In love month can bring you something new and make you feel some change in your relationship.

Another important factor is attention in working relationships with colleagues, avoiding any conflicts that may arise.


March will be a month that can bring about many changes in the personal life of Libras. Keep an eye out for changes in the professional realm, this would be a good time for that, however, consider if, in fact, it would be a good opportunity.

For you of this sign, avoiding harassment will be essential, especially since this moment will lead to possible discomfort in the family, emotional and professional spheres. Your mood will be unstable due to the strong influence of Mars in your sign.


The word that defines Scorpio in March will be Security and stability. Striving to feel safe around people who can support you will make you anticipate new actions and situations. The desire to express your feelings will be high and your sensitivity will make you feel a little frustrated.

Find people who can give you that sense of security and support. The influence of the Moon in this March makes Scorpios seek emotional support. Take care of mental health so that physical health is not affected.


Sagittarius will feel a sense of peace, self-confidence and motivation in the month of March. The word for Sagittarius this month will be positive and fun energy for everyone. When we have this aura of peace and good energies, we attract more people.

It will be a month to reflect on new professional directions, in fact, new opportunities may appear for those who are looking for change. how do you feel Philanthropy and Empathy It will be rising and this is explained by the strong influence of Mercury in your stellar house in March.


For Capricorns, March will represent a period of instability in their relationships. Someone might let you down and it’s always good to be prepared. Your feelings in March will be a bit muddled, especially in terms of the relationship between two people.

Low moments, you tend to develop a bit of pessimism, but it will pass and you will be able to have good fluids in this month of March, especially from the 20th.

The influence of Uranus will bring about many sudden changes that can generate some fear, but rest assured that each change is for the better.


The strong influence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn will cause a stir in March for Aquarius. The search for mental and social development will take a month. It will be intense and will open the doors of your mind a lot for you to understand spiritual matters.

Your energies this month will be high and knowing how to channel them is essential to your success. In love, you will be invited to reflect on the circumstances of the relationship and if you are single you will be able to see the doors open for a new moment.


Pisces will have a strong influence from the sun under their sign and this will be a gain in Greater confidence and a greater desire to help people. There will be a deeper reflection on the future in love. Beware of changes in mood, because sometimes you can come across doubts, making you afraid or simply frustrated about the future.

It will be a fertile moment for the development of new relationships and professional growth. Do not get carried away in competition in the professional environment or even in love, your ability to attract will be stronger and there will be no opportunities for competitors.