February 6, 2023

Chico Buarque honors Gal Costa in a show in Rio – 01/05/2023 – Ilustrada

It took to Chico Buarky, whose Rio de Janeiro debut was “Que Tal or Samba?” Thursday evening, he spoke directly to the audience. First, the singer took advantage of the moment to pay homage to his friend Gal Costa, who died in November of the year pastWith the song “Mil Perdões” written and recorded by Gall in 1983.

At the back of the stage, a projection of Jal’s image made the scene – and prompted instant applause from the audience. At the end of the song, the applause was extravagant.

Subsequently, Chico took on the political tone that had marked his career and mocked the recent ruling of a judge who had questioned whether “Rawda Viva” was one of his songs. The composer asked Eduardo Bolsonaro in court to remove a post in which he used the song, as well as to pay compensation for moral damages.

“With instrumentalists like that, I have to play a lot on my little guitar,” Chico said, right after introducing the band’s instrumental-based “Bancarrota Blues”. He continued, “I can stop, I forget part of a message. I thought of installing a teleprompter. But then they can say, ‘If I don’t know the lyrics, I don’t know how to play, I’m not the author: ‘Prove it’s yours?””. The audience laughed.

Then he recalls the story reported by right-wing networks that he bought his songs. After stating that he did not admit to being accused of buying the songs, he sang “But I Can Sell”, resuming the lyrics to “Bancarrota Blues”.

At the end of the song, whose motto is exactly the phrase “But I can sell”, which is repeated throughout all the lyrics of the song, he concludes: “It’s not mine either. It’s Paulo Guedes”.

Chico reappeared with an L in response to the audience chorus “olé olé olá Lula lula”.

The season premiere in Rio, featuring Mônica Salmaso as guest artist, is in Vivo Rio, the first show on Chico’s tour after opening for Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from PT, of whom the singer is a historical supporter.

The text demonstrates the affinity between the state that the chief advocates and that which appears in the composer’s songs. The night began at 9:57 p.m., with Salmasso on stage, alone singing the childish, revolutionary “All Together”, from the “Saltimpancos” repertoire. “We’re all strong / We’re arrows and bows / We’re all in the same boat / We have nothing to fear,” the lyrics read. Finally, the principle of democracy.

Before Chico takes the stage, Salmaso wanders through songs that deal with love between two women, with a tragic ending due to prejudice, as in “Mar e Loa”, or that focus on threats to the environment or, metaphorically, those who bring beauty to the world, with ” Passaredo”. With “Beatrice”, Salmasso celebrated the artist. As the singer declares: “The hunter assured me / That the bird sang to him / That good weather was coming,” says the song “Boom Tempo.”

On “Paratodos”, a tribute to Brazilian popular music, Chico finally appears to sing: “I’ve been on the road for so many years / I’m a Brazilian artist”.

“What about Samba?” He will have another 15 presentations in Rio before going to Sao Paulo, where he arrives in early March.

The scenery is by Daniela Thomas, the lighting is by Maneco Quinderé and the costumes are signed by Cao Albuquerque. The accompanying band for Chico and Salmasso is made up of Luiz Claudio Ramos, responsible for arrangements, guitar and acoustic guitar, João Rebucas, on piano, Jorge Helder, on acoustic and electric bass, Jorem Moreira, on drums, Chico Patera, on percussion, Pia Pais Lim, on keyboards vocals, and Marcelo Bernardes on woodwinds.