March 30, 2023
Chile opposition calls for Sebastian Pinera to be fired over Pandora Papers case |  Globalism

Chile opposition calls for Sebastian Pinera to be fired over Pandora Papers case | Globalism

Opposition MPs from Chile On Wednesday (13), the procedures for opening the impeachment proceedings against President Sebastian Pinera began.

He is accused of possible wrongdoing by selling a mining company. Details of this process have been revealed by Pandora’s Papers.

This month, the Chilean attorney general’s office said it would open an investigation into possible bribery and violations of tax rules at the sale.

The Pandora Papers is a collection of documents released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism. The material reveals transactions that took place in countries that are tax havens and where banking secrecy exists.

Among the documents, there is one that apparently describes the sale of the Dominga mine, from which copper and iron ore are extracted.

The sale took place in 2010, when Pinera was in his first term as president. Before he became a politician, he was a billionaire businessman. The company is related to his family.

The leak caused controversy in Chile because it indicated that the deal was contingent on approval of a favorable regulatory environment.

Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera issues constitutional reform

The court had already examined the terms of the sale of the mine in 2017 and found nothing wrong.

Jaime Naranjo, the opposition deputy, is one of those organizing the impeachment process. According to him, Pinera violated the constitution.

Pinera denied wrongdoing. He said that all details of the contract are contained in the process that was previously analyzed by the court, and that no irregularities were found.

There are presidential and legislative elections in November. Pinera is not a candidate in this election.

The impeachment process will need 78 votes in the House of Representatives to move forward.

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