August 18, 2022
China: After plane crash, authorities found no survivors or black boxes - News

China: After plane crash, authorities found no survivors or black boxes – News

No survivors have been found yet after the crash of a Boeing 737 with 132 people on board, which fell in southern china Last Monday (21), a civil aviation official announced Tuesday (22).

The plane, carrying 123 passengers and nine crew, crashed in the Guangxi region while traveling between Kunming (southwest) and Guangzhou (south).

“So far, the search and rescue teams have not found any survivors,” Zhou Tao, head of the Civil Aviation Security Administration, told reporters. He said the black boxes had not yet been found.

“Given that the investigation has just begun, we cannot have a clear opinion about the causes of the accident based on the information we have,” he added.

Parts of a Boeing 737-800 were scattered among the trees that had been engulfed in flames after the crash. State media reported that charred remains of documents and wallets were also seen.

The car, which described the situation as “ominous”, said the possibility of the death of all those on board could not be ruled out.

The crash site is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with only a small access path. Precipitation was forecast for the area this week. Pictures broadcast by state television showed the excavators clearing their way to the site on Tuesday.

Earlier, video footage from the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, showed search and rescue teams and paramilitary forces climbing tree-covered hills and marking the wreckage.

The police set up a checkpoint in the village of Lu as soon as they arrived at the scene and prevented journalists from entering.

Several people gathered near the crash site on Tuesday for a small Buddhist party.

State TV reported that an investigation team dispatched by the State Council will provide details of search and rescue efforts and search for flight recorders at a press conference Tuesday evening.

The last commercial airliner crash occurred in China in 2010 and killed 44 of the 96 people on board.