September 24, 2023
China has blamed the United States as the main culprit in the Ukraine-Russia conflict

China has blamed the United States as the main culprit in the Ukraine-Russia conflict

  • China blames the United States for the conflict in Europe

  • US government “pours petrol” on foreign minister over tensions between Russians and Ukrainians

  • He recalled the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and called US behavior “hypocritical.”

The Chinese government has strongly criticized the United States in this regard Conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Asian Foreign Minister Hua Chunying issued a statement on Thursday (24) calling on the international community to intervene to avoid “panic”.

In his speech, the Minister considered the role of the United States as the key issue in creating the conflict between the Russians and the Ukrainians, which he called “the biggest culprits for the tension.”

“If someone constantly pours gasoline into a fire and accuses others of not doing everything they can to increase the fire, that behavior is clearly irresponsible and immoral,” Suning said.

The Chinese leader called America’s behavior “hypocrisy.” President Joe Biden has condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “Russia alone is responsible for the loss of life and human suffering,” he said on Thursday.

According to Chunying, the United States does not have the same concern for the lives of people in Iraq or Afghanistan as it did in previous wars by bombing their territories and, in his opinion, “deliberately killing innocent people.”

“America needs to take these issues seriously and stop double standards for episodes,” he said.

China blames US for Ukraine-Russia conflict (via Getty Images)

China blames US for Ukraine-Russia conflict (via Getty Images)

Regarding the conflict, the Minister considered it a “complex” issue and assured that “China will not rush to reach a solution”.

He assured that the country would not send military support to Russia and urged all countries to “work for peace rather than escalate tensions”.

More than 200 bombings in Ukraine

At Russian military forces have already dropped bombs on Ukraine The invasion of the country began 200 times today, Thursday (24). The Ukrainian government has released the figures.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, 203 Russian attacks have been recorded since early morning.

The ministry said the clashes were taking place not only in the Russian-recognized areas of Lukansk and Donetsk, but also throughout Ukraine.

Russian soldiers are said to have been captured by Ukrainian forces. Instead, the Russian Defense Ministry said 74 rival military structures had been destroyed.

Dozens of people have already been killed on both sides, according to local media reports.