November 28, 2022
China imposes sanctions on Nancy Pelosi, ends cooperation with the United States

China imposes sanctions on Nancy Pelosi, ends cooperation with the United States

The Chinese government has said it will suspend climate change negotiations with the United States in response to the lawmaker’s visit to Taiwan.

Kazuhiro Nogi/AFPIn response to Nancy Pelosi’s unauthorized visit to Taiwan, China imposed sanctions on the lawmaker and her family.

Visit Nancy Pelosi The Taiwan This week continues in effect. In addition to his military activities, China Will be held until Sunday 7, the country imposed sanctions against the Speaker United State. “With this visit, Pelosi has seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously undermined its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced, without disclosing further details, which will prompt Beijing to “impose sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family.” With this decision, the deputy becomes part of a wide list of Americans who have suffered from Chinese sanctions in recent years for actions that, in Beijing’s opinion, are contrary to the country’s interests and for statements about human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang (Northwest). ), sometimes without specifying the nature of the measurements. The actions did not stop there. China also announced on Friday that it was ending cooperation with the United States in various fields. China’s Foreign Ministry, citing Pelosi’s “contempt” during her visit to Taiwan, said the Chinese government would “suspend climate change negotiations with the United States” and cancel a meeting with military leaders as well as two meetings on security. The world’s two biggest polluters pledged last year to work together to accelerate climate action, and pledged to meet regularly to “address the climate crisis.” The The Chinese view Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan as a violation of China’s territorial sovereignty, because they consider the island as part of their territory which must be reunited, including by the use of force, if necessary. For them, the presence of the deputy is a provocation.

*With information from Agence France-Presse