February 6, 2023

China stops issuing daily data on Covid-19 as cases explode – News

China provided daily data on the impact of Covid-19 in its country, but the information stopped four days ago, while the country is facing a new outbreak of the disease.

SARS-CoV-2 (Photo: Clone/Poder 360)

The latest data is from Monday (9), which increases concern about the real state of the disease in the world.

Chinese authorities said in December last year that they would release monthly reports as part of their looser policy, but it has not been confirmed when the law will start.

On Wednesday (11), the World Health Organization stressed the need for data on the Covid-19 coronavirus in the Asian country, and stressed the importance of exchanging information about the strains in circulation.

In December, the World Health Organization held a meeting with China, where the increase in cases of the disease and the real situation in the country were discussed.

Over the course of the week, several countries announced that they would require Covid-19 testing for Chinese passengers, as the place faces an explosion in confirmed cases and there are fears that new strains could develop, without proper monitoring.

The United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India and Italy are some of the countries that have announced restrictions on flights from China.

The true number of cases and deaths in the world superpower is uncertain, but reports indicate crowded hospitals and a high death rate among the elderly.

In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the move not to provide information about the disease is aimed at treating people from all countries equally.

Experts stressed that maintaining high levels of representative genomic surveillance in China and worldwide, annotating genomic sequences with relevant clinical and epidemiological data, and rapidly sharing information with the scientific community is critical to analyzing global risks.

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