June 29, 2022
China University explosion leaves dead and injured |  Globalism

China University explosion leaves dead and injured | Globalism

Explosion in a lab at Nanjing University in China, left at least two people dead and nine injured on Sunday (24), local authorities said.

The accident was recorded at the aeronautics and astronautics department of the educational institution around 4 pm (local time, 5 am in Brasilia).

“Two people died and nine were injured. The causes of the explosion are being investigated and rescue operations have been completed,” Jiangsu Provincial Emergency Service said in a statement.

Image showing smoke rising from the building of Ningang University, China, October 24, 2021 – Photo: Reproduction / CGTN

And spread during the afternoon on social networking sites, videos showing a column of smoke rising from one of the university buildings.

The affected laboratory was not identified, but the institution stated that it was affiliated with the College of Technology and Materials Science.

Map showing the location of the explosion in China – Photo: G1 World

According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, Nanjing University controls five major laboratories within the province, one of which specializes in nuclear equipment.

In 2018, three students were killed in an explosion amid experiments in a laboratory at Beijing Jiaotong University in Beijing.