October 1, 2022
China's discovery of a mineral on the moon could lead to nuclear fusion

China’s discovery of a mineral on the moon could lead to nuclear fusion

China recently revealed that it had discovered Strange mineral in the soil of the moon, Chang’e-5. The discovery was made in 2020, but studies with the first data are only now completed. According to scientists, this substance may allow its use Unlimited energy from nuclear fusion.

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Nuclear fusion is a process in which two or more atomic nuclei fuse together to form another nucleus with a higher atomic number. This requires a lot of energy, but releases a lot more energy than it takes in, making this technology considered revolutionary and possibly cleaner than the one used today.

However, the very difficult process. Recently, for example, Korea’s superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) recorded an ion temperature above 100 million degrees Celsius, But only for 30 secondsdue to the instability of the process.

Nuclear fusion in China

This is exactly where the mineral China found on the Moon could change the game. Studying and searching for lunar minerals is very complex due to the cost of missions to a natural satellite. But with the increase in human presence there in the near future, this becomes increasingly possible.

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Chang’e-5 is rich in helium-3, which scientists believe is a stable fuel source for nuclear fusion reactors. Unfortunately, the materials are very rare on Earth, but if they are already available on the Moon, their use in energy production may be viable.

Of course, as with everything surrounding nuclear fusion, the search for matter is still in its infancy, and if the metal really does prove to be working, there is still a huge challenge getting samples of this substance back to Earth in large quantities.

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