September 28, 2022
China's press, social media and military move against US "interference" in Taiwan - 04/07/2022 - Nelson de Sá

China’s press, social media and military move against US “interference” in Taiwan – 04/07/2022 – Nelson de Sá

The press and social media went to war Thursday in China, with Taiwanese and Japanese media announcing that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would travel to Taiwan on Sunday (10).

the network CCTV Topics covered in Sina Webo It was reported that “the People’s Liberation Army will take effective measures to thwart outside interference and Taiwan’s separatist attempts.”

also in topics, echo Suggestion is Xijinjournalist from Global Timesbanning flights in Taiwan and flying fighter planes over the island on the day, among other military measures.

The increased mobilization made headlines on the Guancha portal (pictured above, with the “serious” reaction from the Chinese Foreign Ministry) and on the agency’s English-language website. Xinhuahave repercussions in the United States by bodies such as Bloomberg And the ReutersWith attention to Hu.

Closing the day, on Weibo highlights, again with CCTV, “Pelosi injured by the Corona virus. Global Times AddressAnd “Pelosi’s test results came back positive and her trip to Asia was postponed” after China warned of taking firm and strong measures over the alleged visit to Taiwan.

He, also on Weibo: “Pelosi, 82, tested positive and announced the delay. The People’s Liberation Army, which is ready to welcome herYou can get some rest.”

The United States threatens India

Newspaper headlines like Jagran And the Times of India He went to the country’s new vote at the United Nations, in favor of Russia, and to “the pressure“The growing United States, so far is calling Indian ministers to Washington.

The White House revealed that a “more visible strategic alignment” from New Delhi to Moscow would bring “ArchaeologyEconomics.

Chomsky and the danger

at new country stateAmerican activist and academic Noam Chomsky, 93, has criticized Vladimir Putin for the “criminal assault” on Ukraine, where his father was born, but adds: “Why did he do that?” It highlights that in September the United States announced military cooperation with Ukraine, bringing the country closer to NATO. The “long history” of American interventions and the famine in Afghanistan lists “why the United States does not release Afghani money from banks in New York.”

Finally, he warned, citing the danger of nuclear war, saying: “We are approaching the most dangerous point in human history.”

The New York Times vs Twitter

a from the insideresonated through sites such as mediate (pictured above) and niman labreported that the New York Times sent a statement to its journalists, numbering nearly 2,000, supporting them to “walk away” or “drastically reduce” their presence on Twitter – which must now be treated with “journalistic skepticism”.

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