July 21, 2024

Chinese electric car startup NIO opens US deals

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A NIO Selects Norway as the first market to expand beyond China, and startups are now keeping an eye on it Germany And in the Netherlands, it already offers job vacancies. Interestingly, NIO job lists were also published United States, The manufacturer is looking for some experts.

To advertise these offers, the automaker used LinkedIn, and the company’s 227 jobs worldwide, 46 in the United States. The majority seem to be centered in San Jose, California, but there is also advertising for a motion control specialist for Seattle and many home-office positions.

NIO ET5 Electric Silk - 3/4
NIO ET5 Electric Silk - Back

The NIO, at least on the software development side, seems to want to create a whole team of autonomous drivers, audio systems development, finance and other Native American executives. The Chinese manufacturer started posting these availability levels a month ago, but the most recent ones were added a few days ago.

However, the NIO’s current priority is to expand first to Europe, where it already has a presence in the Norwegian market. The expansion of the EU will focus on Northern and Western Europe, and in addition to the German and Dutch markets mentioned above, the NIO will also focus on the Danish and Swedish markets.

NIO ES8 - 3
NIO ES8 - 6

During a recent NIO Day event in China, the company announced its intention to expand to 25 countries, but did not specify which countries. He showed on the screen a map showing China, Japan, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and most of the United States and Europe.

Following the news that the NIO was going to hire people in the United States, the automaker issued a statement reminding everyone:

We have had a software development team in San Jose, USA since our company was started, and the latest job opportunities are standard hiring practices.

NIO EC6 - 10
NIO EC6 - 6

In other words, these new job lists do not automatically indicate the automaker’s clear intention to sell cars in the United States. CnEVPost quotes William Lee, NIO President and Founder, as saying that entering a new market is a complex decision and

If we think we can not do this, we want to avoid entering this market, or if we can not do this in the short term, we want to wait a while.

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