March 31, 2023
Chinese military simulates attack on US warships, Taiwan |  the world

Chinese military simulates attack on US warships, Taiwan | the world

The China Simulating attacks on U.S. naval vessels to deter foreign aid, eventually during the war Taiwan Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement Thursday (1st) on military exercises that Beijing forces are conducting near the island.

According to the document, China is conducting war drills to conduct simulated attacks on US ships entering the First Island Chain, which is part of Taiwan.

Tensions between Taiwan and China escalated a month later US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last month angered Beijing. The Chinese government claims Taiwan as part of its territory, so Pelosi’s visit is seen as a provocation by Washington.

Taiwan Ministry of Defense, A report presented to Taiwan’s parliament and reviewed by Reuters said the drills were focused on the first Taiwanese island chain, which runs from Japan to Taiwan, the Philippines and Borneo. Beijing aims to gain strategic control by 2035.

The US has continued to sail warships across the Taiwan Strait in the South China Sea, sometimes close to Chinese-controlled islands.

Beijing had yet to take a position on the report as of the last update on this story.

Understand the significance of Taiwan

As of this year, China has stepped up its military threats, including exercises aimed at undermining Taiwan’s morale and “forcing negotiations with a war” and “forcing with weapons,” the ministry said.

China could use special forces or agents to “subvert” Taiwan’s command systems and damage infrastructure in an attack, and is capable of conducting electronic attacks to disrupt communications and command systems, according to a report dated Thursday.