September 27, 2023
Chip machine company questions US hypocrisy in China blockade

Chip machine company questions US hypocrisy in China blockade

ASML, the company responsible for manufacturing semiconductor machines, decided to question the US restrictions. Imposing equipment sales to China🇧🇷 This information was confirmed by the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

For ASML’s CEO Peter Wenning, the company has stopped exporting advanced machinery to China since 2019 due to pressure from the US and Dutch governments. However, to his surprise, American companies continued to sell such equipment to the Chinese🇧🇷

Maybe they think we should make some negotiating efforts, but ASML has already sacrificed itself.

The executive is unhappy that US chipmakers can sell their cutting-edge processors to China, while ASML Follow export control regulations🇧🇷

It is common knowledge that chip technology for purely military applications is typically ten to fifteen years old. [são velhos]🇧🇷 This technology continues to be supplied to China.

The US government has not yet commented on the matter. China has already opened a formal complaint at the World Trade Organization to challenge the Biden administration’s actions.

Original text (12/12/22)

The Netherlands should begin bowing to US pressure Prevent shipments of new chip manufacturing machinery to China🇧🇷 According to sources asked by Bloomberg, the intent China’s advances in semiconductor manufacturing should be curbed🇧🇷

To this end, the Dutch government must prevent ASML – the largest global manufacturer of chip machines – from exporting any equipment capable of manufacturing. 14 nanometer or larger chips🇧🇷

Like other companies, the US wants to prevent the export of domestically developed technology. Since most of ASML’s machinery has US patents, the company should follow Washington’s lead.

The US is still “talking” to Japan and South Korea so those countries also avoid selling equipment to China. Sources say the US government is promising to retaliate against those who don’t comply.

Despite reports of pressure from US officials, many of the countries cited are also concerned Chinese progress in the semiconductor market🇧🇷 Hence, sources say that the deals are going through without many hiccups.

If all goes well, a total ban on equipment sales To come into effect in January 2023🇧🇷 However, the concerned parties refused to comment on this.