May 30, 2023
Chris Flores slams Matthews Balde for leaking it

Chris Flores slams Matthews Balde for leaking it

Presenter of the program “Fofocalizando” (SBT), Chris Floresfellow program Matthews Baldy criticized him after he was appointed as one of the program’s administrators Actress Clara Castanho’s pregnancy leaked as a result of her rape. The child was given up for adoption.

“I think it’s all very unfortunate. I was sad and I haven’t slept for days since all this broke out (…) I think so, [Matheus Baldi] I made a mistake. Regardless of his intention, that he was actually here, the intention to give the news, he had his sources, and he made his investigation, and I think it was a mistake when he gave the news without confirming the pregnancy, so that Clara and the counselor can confirm it,” she said, during the afternoon program.

In this kind of situation, we should not give [a notícia] In order to preserve the woman I say this because I was also a victim.
Chris Flores

During the opening, the journalist also denied that the program was involved in the leak.

“We were accused of telling us this news, which didn’t happen. At no time here on the show did this news appear,” she said. He denied, “Let it be clear, we didn’t. We don’t want that, we won’t give that kind of report. Let it be very clear.”

Columnist Matthew Balde, part of The Conversation Circle, He also explained himself and said that he even reported the case on his social media sites, but deleted it at the request of the actress.