June 28, 2022
Chris Rock talking Will Smith smack

Chris Rock talking Will Smith smack

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03/30/2022 21:43update in 03/30/2022 22:08

Chris Rock first spoke about A slap he got from Will Smith While presenting one of the categories for the 2022 Oscars last Sunday.

And at a presentation in Boston on Wednesday night, the comedian said he was still “processing what happened.” The 57-year-old actor arrived excitedly and asked, “How was the weekend?” , which sparked laughter from the audience.

According to People magazine, Rock told the audience that he plans to talk about what happened in a more serious way, but that he already has many jokes written specifically for this show, and therefore would like to focus on the script he wrote.

After the assault, demand for tickets for the comedian’s show and sales soared, according to TickPick. Several comedians spoke about the incident, including Jim Carrey.

Will Smith publicly apologized to everyone, including Chris, in a statement on his Instagram account. Smith slapped Chris after the comedian made a joke with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who… are ill Autoimmune. The actress also spoke up after the accident, saying this is a “time to heal.”