July 21, 2024

Christian fucks Lara and Barbara almost catches her

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Christian fucks Lara and Barbara almost catches her
Christian fucks Lara and Barbara almost catches her

one more time, Christian Kawa Raymond will hardly deflect Barbara V’s accusations place in the sun. during the curse with larra (Andréia Horta), he will be sought by the woman, who will be sure that her husband has a mistress. The impersonator will have to roll to escape capture by the rich woman at the 9 AM Globo Opera.

In the following chapters, daughter Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​will smell the trumpet and get the address of the apartment where Christian will live. You will appear there in time when the protagonist is in the plot and Lara is in an intimate moment.

The boy will be warned by the gatekeeper of the arrival of the dendoka and will run to prevent her from proving treason. At the same time, he will also make up an excuse for his granddaughter. nuka (Marita Severo), because he lied to her when he said he was going to be in the process of breaking up.

Barbara will create a scandal, but her husband will manipulate her in time. “Take advantage of this time and do something, something that interests you, that opens your world. I need to meet a new Barbara. However, I can, I don’t know, fall in love again,” he will say sarcastically.

The preppy will leave, but Christian will break his face, as Lara will also decide to leave once he returns to the apartment. “I think it’s a little fast for me,” the girl will stress.

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo. Due to the new spread of Covid-19, the series has gained another two weeks on the air and will be extended until March 26. Since it has already been fully recorded, the plot will be extended through editing only, without new scenes.

It will be replaced by a new edition of Pantanal, Starring Alanis Guillen and Jesuíta Barbosa, on March 28. Ahead of the change in Globo’s schedule, the new version of TV Manchete will premiere on March 14th.

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