February 1, 2023
Christian hates monsters and faces doomsday at a place on Sun TV News

Christian hates monsters and faces doomsday at a place on Sun TV News

In the last two chapters of A Place in the Sun, Christian / Renato (Kawa Raymond) will be the target of the hatred of the characters he tricked into his jog. After he reported to the police that he took a place Renato Globo star Kawa Raymond will be tried at 9 AM in court. There, Santiago (Jose de Abreu), Elenis (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) and Barbara (Allen Moraes) will give sweeping testimonies about everything the boy has done.

goiano would be a target of justice if he talked too much. after him and ravi Juan Paiva has a traffic accident, the fake will think his childhood companion is going to die. Overcoming the guilt, Christian will turn himself in to the authorities.

The trial of the protagonist will bring together the main people who lived with him during the farce. Barbara will make her first statement And remember, the fake Renato changed his behavior overnight:

Because of my immaturity, naivety, I don’t know, I assumed that Renato had finally changed. Indeed, what was a great manipulation, I thought it was an accomplishment, proof of his love for me. For years I lived in this maze, finding my husband’s behavior strange, questioning my own perceptions, and my sanity.

She would also think that she felt very violated by her sex with the cheater: “But worst of all is rape through fraud. How many times, oh my God, do I think I was giving myself to my boyfriend, I went to bed with an unknown person?”, Blurs.

difficult words

Played in a nursing home by ChristianElenice will also have the chance to take revenge on the antihero. The veteran will tell the court that she believes the man is a monster and is linked to Renato’s murder.

Then, Santiago will give the most moving testimony ever. The businessman will feel that the boy has betrayed him doubly, but will admit that the fake has his reasons for falsifying his identity:

I apologize, but I shivered. more than personal betrayal, It is impossible not to read this tragedy as a symbol of what we are going through. A country divided between rich and poor, so privileged and excluded, that it happens that two brothers find each other again and find themselves separated by this insurmountable rift.

“While I believe that, yes, Christian dos Santos should be convicted, after all, what he did is a crime, a part of me can’t help but think that he did what he did because he was running away from a conviction,” the veteran will add.

Christian gets arrested at nine o’clock

Despite Santiago’s hopes, Cristian will end up being convicted. In front of everyone, At the end of the hearing, the judge will issue the verdict:

“Good evening everyone. Having delivered the judgment in the case, in light of the foregoing, I consider the complaint to be well-founded and accept the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to convict Cristian dos Santos, qualified in the records, of the functions and penalties provided for in the offenses provided for in Articles 171 and 299 and 215, namely: the offenses of embezzlement, misrepresentation, and fraudulent sexual assault, and imprisonment for eight years and three months, to be carried out in a closed system.”, it will conclude.

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo. The plot will be replaced by a remake of Pantanal next Monday (28).

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