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Christina Kirchner accuses the opponent of being involved in the attack

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(crédito: Luis Robayo/AFP)
(crédito: Luis Robayo/AFP)

Posted 11/10/2022 15:07 / Updated 11/10/2022 15:07

    (Credit: Luis Robayo/AFP)

(Credit: Luis Robayo/AFP)

On Thursday, September 10, the Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, accused the opposition deputy Gerardo Melman of involvement in the attack he was subjected to, on the first of September, when Brazilian Fernando Andrés Sapag-Montel attempted to shoot her at close range, in front of her home in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.🇧🇷 Cristina also said that she will seek the impeachment of Judge Maria Eugenia Capuccitti, who is leading the investigation, who has accused her of failing to investigate what she considers evidence of her political opponent’s involvement in the case. Melman has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack and accused the Kirchneren supporters of committing a “dirty operation” against him.

In a nearly three-minute video posted to Twitter on Thursday morning (11/10), Christina details Melman’s alleged involvement in the case. According to the narration provided by the audiovisual piece—produced with professional audio commentary in offline banners and animations—the witness had presented himself to Judge Cappuchetti days after the attack to give information about a conversation he overheard, between the Vice-Argentina and the Vice-Argentina. Two of his aides, at a bar near Congress.

“(The witness) stated that two days before the attack, in the Casablanca bar, on the corner of the National Convention, he heard Representative Gerardo Melman say to two women who were with him: ‘When they kill her, I’ll be on my way. Da Costa,’ says the video, adding that It could have been established in court that the witness, Melman and the women would be at the pub on the appointed day and time and that the politician had traveled the following day to the coast.

The video goes on to indicate that the two aides mentioned by the witness — one later identified as Carolina Gomez Monaco, the former Miss Argentina who Millman appointed as director of the Argentine Republic School of Criminal Intelligence in 2017 — were initially rejected. Any meeting with the representative at the specified place and date, until videos are shown showing the entry of each person to the place. Carolina will also be a partner of TV presenter Maria Mroueh, who works at the station where Sabaj Montell and his girlfriend Brenda Olliarte appeared in interviews before the attack.

“Although (the assistants) began their statements under oath with a lie, Judge Capuccitti took no steps to continue the investigation. Melman was not called to testify in the case,” the video reads.

In the same post he shared the video, Kirchner stated that he instructed his attorney to ask the judge to remove him from the case. “I want to share with you the following video. As a result of the events that you will be watching and listening to, I have instructed the lawyers to dismiss Judge Maria Eugenia Capuccitti.”

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