October 1, 2022
Christina Kirchner says her arrest warrant is political persecution |  Globalism

Christina Kirchner says her arrest warrant is political persecution | Globalism

vice president Argentina Christina Kirchner On Tuesday (23) she said that the 12-year prison request against her amounts to judicial persecution to keep her out of politics.

The Public Prosecution Office demanded that Christina be imprisoned for 12 years and permanent political disability. The prosecution accuses her of participating in a scheme of embezzlement of public money in which a businessman concluded contracts with the state and transferred part of the funds to it (see below).

Argentine prosecutors are seeking a 12-year prison sentence against Vice President Cristina Kirchner

Christina, a 69-year-old lawyer who was a Senator, First Lady, President and now Vice President Argentinadenies allegations of corruption. ArgentinaThe Vice President is also the President of the Senate).

The Public Prosecution indicted the former president, along with 12 other people, with the crimes of forming criminal gangs and mismanagement.

During the speech, hundreds of supporters gathered in front of his home in Buenos Aires and later in front of Congress. “It is not a judgment against me, it is a judgment against the Peronist and the national and popular governments,” he said.

The vice president, who has special jurisdiction due to the jurisdiction of her role, requested this Tuesday to extend her initial statement, but the request was rejected by the court, which considered that this stage had already ended and that it would be able to do so. to present its arguments in the defense claims, effective September 5th.

“It’s 12 years (of prison), 12 years for the best government Argentina In recent decades, so they asked for 12 years. Therefore, they will stigmatize and condemn me. If I give birth 20 times, I will do the same 20 times.”

“They want revenge, and to discipline the political class so that no one would dare do the same thing again,” Kirchner said.

At the end of her speech, Kirchner appeared on the balcony of Congress to greet the protesters who had been waiting for her.

In addition to these demonstrations of support, the vice president received the solidarity of some left-wing leaders in the region, such as former Bolivian President Evo Morales, and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff.

I express my unconditional solidarity with the Vice President of the Republic Argentina and the President of the Senate of this sister country,” Dilma wrote on her Twitter account.

The crimes Christina is accused of took place from 2003 to 2007, when Nestor Kirchner was president, and from 2007 to 2015, when she was president.

According to prosecutors, she was the leader of a criminal association and directed a scheme for a businessman named Lazaro Baez to obtain contracts to carry out public works in Santa Cruz County (Kirchner’s political stronghold). Part of the money earned by Bayes, according to the public ministry, was returned to the Kirchner family.

The Public Prosecution estimated the amount that the state would have embezzled at one billion dollars.

The judicial process began in 2019, and it is estimated that the judges’ decision will be known by the end of the year. In the event of a conviction, Christina can still appeal. Until a ruling by the Supreme Court and due to her political immunity as Vice President and Speaker of the Senate, she will not be arrested or disqualified.

She is still responding to five other lawsuits.

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