Christophe Normand is in agreement with the Alouettes

Christophe Normand s'entend avec les Alouettes

After four seasons spent in the West of the country, Christophe Normand returns to the house. The Bromont has signed a two-year contract with the Alouettes on Tuesday on the occasion of the opening of the free agent market in the canadian football League.

“I’m so happy !, launched Normand, that it has met with him. Playing in Montreal, with the Alouettes, it means a lot to me. I’m happy, I’m excited ! “

Norman had initially played three seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers before ending up with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2018. But the experience, Edmonton has not been conclusive.

“The Eskimos have made me an offer. But I was reluctant to go back there and it would have taken me a lot more than what they offered me for me to say yes. “

At the end of the last season, in an interview with the Voice of The Is, Norman had vaguely referred to language problems in the locker room of the Eskimo.

A dream

Christopher Norman realizes neither more nor less than a dream by landing at the Larks.

“If I am today a professional in football, it is thanks in part to the Alouettes, he confessed. Younger, when I was a teenager, I attended several matches of the home team, I participated in the camp, Bruno Heppell, I met up with Steve Charbonneau and Matthew Proulx when they came to my school, etc, The Alouettes have been a great inspiration to me. “

The former Red and Gold of the University Laval knows that he joins a team that has not participated in the playoffs since 2014 and have lost a rather impressive range of games in recent years.

“I have consulted the list of players self-sustaining when it was published, and this is the Cheerleader that had the most players under contract. It is a sign of stability, a good sign for me. The club has quarters of quality, and that is important. The organization seems on the right track. “

In the same vein, Norman will be recalled that the Blue Bombers had not made the playoffs “for the past five or six years” when he joined the team at the time.

But even if he is happy at the idea of playing in Montreal, in front of family and friends, he stated that he has enjoyed his years in the West.

“The canadian football, in the West, it is large, it is a religion, it is something that I am glad I have lived. There, even when you lose, the fans are there. In the Is, it takes wins. “

“I look forward to the camp”

Edmonton such as Winnipeg, Christophe Normand has been used as a centre-back and on the special units. Since he had not yet discussed with the people of the Alouettes at the time of the interview, he did not know too much yet what the director-general Kavis Reed and head coach Mike Sherman had in mind for him.

“I’m Canadian, I’m versatile, I can play on the special units, I can catch the ball, he stressed. In other words, I know that I can be useful with the Larks. I look forward to the training camp, I look forward to showing them what I know to do. “

Last season, Norman has managed seven tackles on the special units, and has picked up three assists. In 57 career games, he has caught 13 passes and carried the ball 11 times.

Tuesday night, the athlete, 27-year-old was expecting family and friends at home. Clearly there was anything to celebrate.

“It’s a beautiful day. A very beautiful day ! “, he concluded.

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