June 25, 2022
Ciara loses to CRB-AL on penalties and is eliminated from Northeast Cup - PLAY

Ciara loses to CRB-AL on penalties and is eliminated from Northeast Cup – PLAY

a Ciara lost to CRB-AL On penalties from 4 to 3 this Thursday (24), at Arena Castellao, and out of the Copa do Nordest. Rodrigo LindosoAnd the age And the Nino Paraíba He missed the charges.

The team is still competing for the Copa Sudamericana, with the group stage draw scheduled for Friday (25), and for Serie A for the Brazilian Championship.

the game

The teams played a live duel at Arena Castelão. Goalkeepers Diogo Silva, of CRB, and Joao Ricciardo, of Ceará, had key performances to maintain the equal score in the first half.

Alfinegro’s team had more momentum, but missed the chances that were created, while the Alagoans managed to put in a good defensive performance, managing to clear the ball from above and the ground. In the quick escape, Anselmo Ramon and Longuen stopped in good defenses for Joao Ricciardo.

The raised balls in the area and the dead balls were found by the Tiago Nunes team. Victor Luis, from a lack, stopped at Diogo Silva, while Lima, in many chances, was wasted by the top, as well as defender Luiz Ottavio. The best opportunity, however, came from Kleber’s foot, after receiving it from Mendoza. The attacker covered the opponent’s archer, but the red and white defense saved him.


Ciara came back into the match with even more force. Within 10 minutes, the team had chances with Kleber, Mendoza and Fina. And goalkeeper Diogo Silva defended the attempts.

The dominance of the venegro was absolute in the match. In the 18th minute, Fina had a great chance, with a header, but he stopped again on Diego Silva.

To keep the match sharp, Thiago Nunes stepped up leaving Lima, Kleber, Fina and Fernando Sobral. Eric, Zee Roberto, Dentino and Leo Raphael. The changes maintained the team level, but the athletes were unable to break the siege imposed by the Alagoas.


In penalty kicks, Maicon and Anselmo Ramon of Valencia missed in the sequence. Mendoza turned to Ciara, but Rodrigo Lindoso got lost. Iago Mendonça and Gum switched to Alagoas, while Erick scored and Dentinho stopped on Diogo Silva. The archer even took charge and took the fifth count from Alveropera’s team. Ze Roberto also scored a goal. Alternately, Raul Prata swung the net and Nino Paraiba missed.

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