Ciccone injured by the remarks of the minister Charest

Ciccone blessé par les propos de la ministre Charest

The deputy Enrico Ciccone does not accept that the minister Isabelle Charest has alluded to the consequences arising from his concussion. Words that it deems “offensive”.

During an exchange in the blue Room, the minister for Education has refused the idea of his opponent’s liberal to create a “pass-sport”, a registry of concussions suffered by each child in sports.

“I feel a lot of empathy for the situation of Mr. the member of parliament for Marquette about her situation and the legacy with which he must live as a result of concussions,” she added.

A phrase that surprised and taken aback the ex-hockey player Enrico Ciccone. “I found it offensive,” he argued in a press briefing. Even if he acknowledges to have “eaten of the shots a little more challenging than that in [his] life”, he believed he had agreed with Isabelle Charest, who is also an ex-athlete, not to “do politics with sport”.

For Mr. Ciccone, who has already told you to have suffered concussions during his career, he is a “personal attack” that has no place being in the game parliamentary. “What does that mean? Why do you want to say that I don’t have my place, that I am not able to talk, think, and be smart enough to drop a bill and build something?”

“I find it appalling, in the Room, they attack the health of someone,” she said her colleague, Hélène David.

Ms. David did not digest that the minister Charest had said to Mr. Ciccone : “I think that he is not accustomed to be told no.” “If this is a man who had answered it to a woman mp, I think that there would really be an outcry,” says the mp.

Another attack

The question and answer period of Thursday was also the scene of another personal attack, denounced, this time by the minister responsible for the Outaouais Mathieu Lacombe. The liberal mp André Fortin has alluded to in his new home, his house at Terrebonne, where it was decided to facilitate the life of his spouse and of his children. The latter, however, is not located in the region where he was elected. The minister Lacombe said he is “outraged” about Mr. Fortin, who was attacked, according to him, his family.

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