September 28, 2023
Cinemas will broadcast Connie West and Drake's shows in the United States

Cinemas will broadcast Connie West and Drake’s shows in the United States

Drake and Kanye West are preparing for a memorable event

Famous ex-gangster Larry Hoover organized a benefit show calling for freedom Drake e Kanye West Is getting closer and closer. As we get closer to the big party, it becomes increasingly clear that the event will be epic. J. It all started when Kanye raised the white flag in a fight with Drake planned by Prince and Larry Hoover Jr.

“I hope this event will not only bring awareness to our purpose, but, if we put aside our pride and unite, it will prove to people everywhere how much we can achieve,” Yeh said in a video. Ez with Jay Prince earlier this month, Demands Drake’s involvement.

Most tickets cost between US $ 200 and US $ 500, with some fans confused when opening the purchase link, with more than 2,000 users trying to check out at once, and went to social media to share shocking reactions to the reality of the show. Being “free”.

Importantly, it was never advertised as a free show, and people understand that they misunderstood Yeh and Drake’s ad. However, we all know the feeling of thinking that something is cheap (or free in this case) and really turns into something else.

It has now been announced that the show will air on major theaters in the United States AMC, And in IMAX format. In summary of the event, the company says that after 5 years the show will be held with Drake’s special guest appearance without live performances by Kanye West.

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