August 18, 2022
City clients want Guardiola's reserve at Flamengo and are waiting for a 'yes' from Robro Negro

City clients want Guardiola’s reserve at Flamengo and are waiting for a ‘yes’ from Robro Negro


The right-back is a priority at Mais Querido do Brasil who is looking for names

- Pep Guardiola
© (Photo: Louis Storey/Getty Images)– Pep Guardiola

It is no secret that a file flamingo Looking to hire a new right-back. Mathuzinho still fluctuates a lot, wheels She’s yet another one that’s nothing short of exciting and recently left Isla. Thus, the Flamengo Board of Directors understands that it is necessary to appoint a player in the position and evaluate some of the names in football in South America and Europe.

This Wednesday (29) Gate”“It is learned that Mengão is looking to hire Yan KotoFrom City of Manchester. The athlete, revealed by Curitiba, is 20 years old and not happy with his placement in the England national team. Therefore, Fla sees an opportunity to be able to sign him, thus solving the side issue on the right side.

Also, according to the report, the Brazilian has already spoken with City’s sporting director Expressing a desire to leave. The team believes that it has the ability to play more and not go to teams that do not fight for titles, because it is “hidden” from the team of Brazilian coach Tite.

Also according to the report, Yan Kotto was offered to Flamengo by brokers linked to Manchester City. Now, it is up to coach Dorival Jr to approve or not approve the 20-year-old’s appointment“, An excerpt from the article from said.

Depending on Dorival’s response, Flamengo could do their best to sign Yan Koto. It is worth noting that Pep Guardiola agreed to sign him and understood that the athlete could be a good reinforcement in the future, but it seems that the plans have changed.