August 18, 2022
Clara Castanho encourages Chris Flores to reveal her exposure when she lost her child.  TV news

Clara Castanho encourages Chris Flores to reveal her exposure when she lost her child. TV news

The Clara Castanho case Chris Flores encouraged the disclosure that he was also the victim of a data leak by a healthcare professional. She described the discovery that a lab worker had passed on information that she was pregnant to someone as “shocking”. “But I already had a dead fetus inside my womb,” the Fofocalizando presenter lamented.

She opened the show on Monday (27) stating that SBT had, at no point in time, violated the actress’ privacy. “I will put my position on you from home, trying to be the most transparent and honest. I am a person who raises the flag of journalism, that a degree is necessary, and that separation should be standardized and valuable,” he said.

“When they take away the credibility of the journalist and put everything in one basket, from which the press is sold, terrible, I do not agree with that. The profession must be regulated, people must be forced to learn, to understand.”

Kris admitted that she was so shaken by the exposure to Clara, that she had to reveal herself. Defend yourself with an open letter:

I find this all very unfortunate and I have been sleepless for several days since this broke out. Like I said here on another show, violence against women is not zero-tolerance. It’s the pinnacle, the pinnacle of this sexist society in which we live. Are we getting better? There is nothing wrong. We can go forward, but we come back often.

The presenter assessed that her colleagues in the profession made a mistake with the artist. “We shouldn’t give into that kind of cause for the sake of preserving women,” she commented, making a personal case:

In addition to my son Gabriel, I got pregnant for the second time, maybe people don’t know him. I lost this child. I had to take a test to find out his condition, because the first ultrasound was wrong. When you go to the lab, a professional passes too [a informação] for a person. She came to me to celebrate this, but I already had a dead fetus inside my womb. I was sad in mourning. I didn’t want people to know that.

“I understand the pain of Clara and other women who don’t want to reveal their pregnancy. My situation is, by far, nothing like what she was going through. It was an approved pregnancy, with so much love. But it was shocking. Shocking to me to this day.” .

Watch Chris Flores scream on Gofocalizando: