May 28, 2023

Clara takes revenge in the worst way and kisses Orpheus in front of Theo

Clara (Regian Alves) may have admitted she accepts “half of love,” but that doesn’t mean she’ll let Theo’s (Emilio Dantas) infidelities go unnoticed in Vai na Fé. After discovering his obsession with Sol (Sheron Menezzes) and even swallowing his would-be stepdaughter, the socialite will rebel and kiss Orpheus (Jonathan Haagensen) in front of her husband. Mauricinho will throw a tantrum at the Opera Globo at seven o’clock.

He will gossip about treason. After all, the woman would have chosen her lover to torment the rich man. Orpheus, his shady business partner and one of the people with the power to go up against him, seems like the perfect choice.

Rafa’s mother (Kayo Manhinte) will find the thieves In the scenes that will be broadcast on the 14th, when she goes to the office to find out about her husband’s affairs. There, he will suffer an inner turning point and choose to follow the path of revenge. She will run into Orpheus in her husband’s room and capture him. Dahiya, distraught, will return the kiss.

Sheila (Renata Mirjanova) will gossip about Theo, and the scoundrel will enter his office, see the kiss and go after his partner. The wife will enjoy her husband’s hatred. Shortly thereafter, that anger would turn against her. The bandit will be so rude to the woman that he will cross the line even in front of Fred (Henrique Barreras), and the young man will comment to Rafa that his father is abusive.

Watch the kiss scene:

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Clara kisses Orpheus, and he sees Theo

Vai na Fé has the 7pm slot on Globo. He will be replaced by Fauzi with Gustavo Reis. The series will feature Giovanna Cordero and Marina Ruy Barbosa in the main roles.

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