October 7, 2022
Carlos Slim

Claro’s owner believes that operators should pay for users’ mobile phones

The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development met last weekend in Rwanda to present the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC).

Photo: Internet clone

during the event, Carlos Slim, the richest man in Latin America and owner of América Móvil (Claro), suggested that operators fund mobile phones for users. The ideal situation, Salim said, is for the state to establish programs to pay for citizens’ communication costs.

On the carriers, the billionaire said: “They can provide devices and government programs can pay the monthly subscription to eligible families, while ensuring reasonable packages with unlimited minutes and sufficient data. This would support distance education, e-health, and e-commerce, among many other digital services.”

Also speaking at the event, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said: “We continue to live in difficult times economically, politically and in terms of global public health. The immediate future is full of uncertainties and risks. But one thing is certain: All the challenges we face can be addressed faster, better and more equitably than By investing in affordable global broadband,” Kagami said.

Another important speech was Houlin Zhao, Co-Chair of the Committee and Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU, or ITU). “One of the challenges we need to overcome is to reduce the cost of broadband subscriptions and digital devices, especially in low- and middle-income economies,” he said.