September 24, 2022
Claudia Jimenez underwent radiotherapy and three heart surgeries

Claudia Jimenez underwent radiotherapy and three heart surgeries

Claudia Jimenez, Who passed away today at the age of 63She defined herself as a “fighter” when commenting on the health problems she had faced throughout her life, which included three heart surgeries and a treatment for breast cancer.

In 2014, on the eve of the launch series “Sexo e as Negas,” by Miguel Falabella, the comedian insisted on extolling her strength in the face of diagnoses and a change in life habits months after her last intervention, to put a pacemaker in place, stating that she would “do anything.” something ‘to survive.

“I thought, ‘Gee, now a pacemaker, that means my heart won’t go on its own.’ It made me a little sad, but then I started having fun. Sometimes I’d walk into a store and work claps: ‘pi, pi, pi’ and I said: “I don’t steal anything, it’s my pacemaker.” Before coming here, I had to ask my doctor if this microphone was interfering with my pacemaker, and he said no, I can use it at will,” Jiménez said, without losing his sense of humor, in an interview with Fantástico.

“Sometimes I realize I’m not cool internally, so I’m looking for something. I hear people say to me, ‘Oh, but you’re so fragile.’ Huh? I’m the strongest person I know, I’m a warrior. I’d do anything to stay here.”

The artist performed her first heart surgery in 1999, to place five shunts, and the second in 2012, to replace the aortic valve with an artificial valve. But according to the TV Globo program, doctors suspected that the origin of the problems could be radiotherapy, which Claudia underwent in 1986, to treat breast cancer.

According to the theory of health professionals, the treatment may have affected the tissues of the organ.

“I tell my doctor, ‘Oh, damn radiotherapy. Then he said, “But if it wasn’t for her, she’d be there for a long time.” And that’s right, I mean, we always have to say thank you rather than complain. “

In her training in the water, she was accompanied by Stella Toriau, with whom she was married from 1998 to 2008 and who, according to the actress, became a great friend.

“The dietitian helped me eat right now and do water aerobics, which has been great for me, with Stella, my mate. We’ve been married for ten years and I feel like it was the first time I’ve loved and the first time I’ve felt love. Now that we’re sisters, love is not It never ends, it’s something that only increases,” said the artist who, although she said she was open to a new love, highlighted her commitment to work and her desire to return to the stage.

“There are some crowns there, but they want to go to a house in the woods, with a wood oven, and that’s not what I want now, I want to do theater.”